Rocket Riley (character)

Rocket Riley U

Rocket Riley

Rocket Riley
Full Name Rocket Riley
Date of Birth  
Gender Female
Class Hero
First Appearance Rocket Riley 64 (first official appearance)


She has red hair and tannish skin. She wears brown goggles on her head and a red bandana around her neck. She wears a black shirt with blue sleeves, as well as blue overalls with yellow buttons and black shoes. Also, she wears black gloves with yellow circles on them with power button symbol on them.


Rocket Riley is a courageous, lion-hearted and curious young girl with a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for adventure. Plucky and determined, Rocket Riley will go above and beyond the line of duty for the sake of what's right.

Unfortunately, her inquisitive personality winds her into trouble, and the phrase "curiosity-killed-the-cat" describes her perfectly fine. Despite her observant and extroverted personality, she is actually inept at picking up social cues - not realizing when she has irritated people, made other people awkward or overstepped her boundaries. Despite this, she is a well-meaning girl who treats her friends like family.




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