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Rocket Fighter Saga is a fighting game for the Nintendo GameCube being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). In the game, you have a rocket and customize it with unique parts to fight off your opponents.



Gameplay & Controls

You start off by building your rocket with the available parts you have at your disposal. There are 4 types of parts: The Nosecone, Body Tube, Weapon Disk, and Thruster Pack. Most parts have unique features that let you use your rocket in different ways of fighting.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Fire Main Weapon
  • B Button - Fire Additional weapon.
  • L/R - Swap Part controls
  • X Button - Barrel Roll
  • Y Button - Toggle radar and rocket damage.
  • C Stick - Adjust Thruster Pack.



  • PT - Pointy front for damage on impact.
  • D - Barrel Roll to dig through rock and cause more damage.
  • LT - Laser tipped for a strong forward blast.
  • FT - Flat, titanium middle to cancel out head-on attacks.

Body Tube

  • L - Long body for more weapon capacity.
  • S - Short body for easier evasion.
  • DS - Spike-covered to cause damage on contact. Barrel roll to deflect attacks.
  • HL - Barrel roll to shoot lasers form the sides.

Weapon Disk

  • RF - Rapid fire bullets shoot the enemy. Small damage.
  • BR - Launches a rocket for high damage.
  • FS - Fire spinner lets you shoot flames with a barrel roll.
  • WR - Has different weapons aiming in all directions.

Thruster Pack

  • TT - 3 thrusters.
  • DA - 6 thrusters aiming in all directions and around rocket and 3 in the usual position for superb accuracy.
  • BM - Bendable thruster for amazing mobility.
  • HD - Countless amount of thrusters for incredible speed.

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