Developer(s) Rocket Corp
Console Type Handheld
Release Date(s)
World: August 25, 2015
Can connect to the Internet

The console is the controller

Multiplayer functionality

The RocketPlay is a handheld video game console developed and published by Rocket Corp. It was released worldwide on August 25, 2015. It is battery-powered, and thus requires a charger. It can be used for up to 10 hours with full power without one plugged in.


The RocketPlay controller has various functions on it.

Front functions

  • Screen
  • D-Pad
  • A, B, X, and Y buttons
  • L and R buttons
  • Select button
  • Start button
  • Wireless switch
  • Speakers
  • Charger

Back functions

  • Reset button
  • Cartridge slot
  • Cartridge protector (prevents the cartridge from falling out of the system)


(You are free to make games for the RocketPlay. Just edit this page to include it and use the box template below.')



Similar to that of the Nintendo 3DS, players are able to register each other's friend codes. Once they do register their friend codes, they can play some games together.


Accessing this will greet you with many different options you can change, mostly things such as Internet settings, stereo/mono sound, data, etc.

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