RocketCat and SuperDog vs. The Robot Empire! is a mildly successful side-shooter cult-classic developed by Nintendo for the GBA. There has not been any sequels, but rumor has it the game will have a sequel on the 3DS.


One day, RocketCat and SuperDog were flying around outside, when giant robots started raining down from outer space. The robots started stealing the souls of other dogs and cats around town, and RocketCat and SuperDog are the only heroes to uncover the mystery of the evil robots and return everybody's souls!


Frisky Field

6 levels

Boss: Robotic Spacecraft

Deadly Desert

6 levels

Boss: Robotic Dinosaur

Candlelit Caverns

7 levels

Boss: Robotic Vehicle

Major Mothership

8 levels

Boss: Dr. Hamster

Peculiar Planet

8 levels

Boss: King Willy

Enslaved Earth

10 levels

Boss: Extreme Robot


1 level

Boss: Omega Defense Sentry

Boss 2: Dr. Hamster

Boss 3: Mutant Hamster

Boss 4: Heart of Evil (Hard-Mode Only)


After Dr. Hamster is defeated and the souls are back with their owners, everybody is being chased by more robots. Meanwhile, RocketCat shackles everyone into an old spacecraft, and they fly off into space. TO BE CONTINUED, it says on the black screen.


Players control both SuperDog and RocketCat, being able to switch their character with L. Press A for a basic shoot attack (Eyebeam or Rocket), Press A for a charged attack (Large Eyebeam or Large Rocket) or R for a special attack (RocketCat: Unleash a giant rocket that explodes and kills everyone. SuperDog: A spell that heals you to full health. Unavailable in Hard Mode.). Special Points can be generated by attacking, collecting gold, or collecting pointballs. Press B to drop to the ground. Charms can be equipped, with only one per character at a time. Three gears are hidden throughout every level.


Healing Charm - Heals 1 health every attack.

Damage Charm - Does 1 extra damage every attack.

Charge Charm - Reduces charged attack time.

Epic Charm - Does 2 extra damage and heals 2 health every attack.

Lava Charm - Does 3 extra damage every attack.

Dazing Charm - Stuns enemy charged attack.

Rewrite Charm - Gives you a different charged attack. (Bomb, Lightning Charge)

Greedy Charm - Gives you x2 the amount of gold. (Unavailable in Hard Mode)

Devil Charm - Charge attacks do 5 extra damage. (Unavailable in Hard Mode)

Sting Charm - Enemy takes poison damage after every attack. (Unavailable in Hard Mode)

Blessing Charm - Heals 5 health every attack. (Unavailable in Hard Mode)

Alpha Charm - Heals 5 health and poison damage after every attack. (Unavailable in Hard Mode)

Omega Charm - Heals 10 health and more poison damage after every attack.(Unavailable in Hard Mode.)

Godlike Charm - Heals 10 health, does poison damage, and gives you an extra 15 damage after every attack. (Unavailable in Hard Mode)

Cheating Charm - Makes you invincible and you do infinite damage. (Acquire after acquiring all Gears in Hard Mode.)

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