RocketCat and SuperDog 2 was a %100 completed sequal to release in 2005, but was cancelled due to the DS release, and mild reviews for the first game. For a long time,  the game was regarded lost media and very few people got their hands on physical cartridges. Others played it on emulators, as somebody leaked the UK version of the rom online. So far, only 3 US cartridges, 1 UK cartridges, 3 JP cartridges, and 1 JP production cartridge exsist. The game was later released on Virtual Console for the RocketCat and SuperDog 10th anniversy along with a 3DS game.


Everyone in the Earth is on a spacecraft to find a new planet after Earth was taken over by robots. They try to find many planets, but they soon find out that Planet Zeurk (Peculiar Planet) is running out of natural rescourses, and the two races must compete to find a planet that they can find home. Once again, it's up to RocketCat and SuperDog to save the day and find a new perfect planet!


Wet Waterworld

6 levels

Boss: Zeurkian Submarine

Loopy Lavaland

6 levels

Boss: Mother Lavaworn

Perfect Planet

7 levels

Boss: Mecha-Willy

Magnificent Mansion

8 levels

Boss: King Willy

Sadness Spacecraft

8 levels

Boss: Alien Brute

Bad Base

10 levels

Boss: Commander Cling

Hope is Lost

1 level

Boss: King Willy (Giant Robot Suit)

Alt. Boss: King Willy (Giant Golden Tuxedo Suit)

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