Capital City KTLand
Largest City KZPort
Language(s) English & Japanese
Leader(s) Kieron & Timmy Redman
Government Bobby Jenkins
Population 200,000
Currency GBP (£ Pounds)
Drives on the Left (FTW)
Date Format DD/MM/YYY
Abbreviation RA
Included Environment(s)
Modern Cities, Small Towns, large Forests and mountains.

Rockasia is a country on the planet, Osiris and is located south west of Dolenia. It was founded by Kieron and Timmy Redman.



In KZPort, there are lots of places that do music, game making, film/TV making, etc. One of the most famous places for media is KTMA Cinemas, that has 18 Screens, along with 1 IMAX Screens, 2 4DX Screens, 2 screens that are VIP and show films in 4K and only 2D and 13 screens that show 2D and 3D formats of film. It shows the biggest blockbusters made by people around the world, like Star Wars Fantendo, etc.

One of the most famous TV Channels is KCT. It shows some of the popular TV Shows around the world and teases some of the new upcoming shows.

The Music Industry here, are mostly famous here for house and Drumstep and Dubstep, as well as remixes of famous songs.

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