Rock Turbo is the main character of the Mega Man Turbo series, and the older brother of Roll Turbo. He owns the Mega Mechanium, but can also obtain the Mechanium of any of the bosses he defeats. When he isn't using any Mechanium, he uses his guitar as a weapon. He can either fire musical notes at his enemies or when he is close enough use a melee attack. Both of these attacks are weaker than the standard Mega Mechanium's gun, but you can unlock new bonuses by defeating certain bosses with it.

Mega Man Turbo

During the first game, while exploring a forest with his siter and their pet dog Heavy they discover a cave containg three Mechanium. These are the Mega, Sweep and Rush Mechanium. Rock, using the Mega Mechanium, sets out to defeat the people who use the Mechanium for evil.

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