Rock Guy

Rock Guy

Rock Guy is a Fantendo Series Created by SuperLuigi22. It consists of the Main Character, Rock Guy, trying to Destroy the Undead Empire who Captured his Human Love, Rosetta.


Rock Guy- Rock Guy is the Main Antagonist of the Rock Guy Series. He tries to Rescue his Human Love, Rosetta, from the Undead Empire, before they Turn her into an Evil Skeleton Slave. He is very confident and Serious and rarely has time for Jokes.

Rosetta- Rosetta is the Damsel in Distress of the Series. She gets captured by the Undead Empire because she has a Strong Soul. She is very Dimwitted and Naive, but always Knows Rock Guy will come rescue her.

Jerry- Jerry is Rock Guy's Partner, that can't be playable. He often gives you tips on the enemies or the Stage, but mostly just nags about his problems. Jerry is a gecko that stays on a Balloon.

Gumbo- Gumbo is Jerry's Friend (He was supposed to get a series of his own, but we will see) and is an Elephant. He is very Lazy, but also Intact on Rock Guy's Adventures. He runs the Shop, where you can buy Jerry for 50 Medals.

Agrelo- Agrelo is Rock Guy's Enemy, and the Main Antagonist. He wants Rosetta to be his Skeleton Slave, and gets annoyed by her nagging about her Love saving her. He sends out his Bone Henchman to do the Work for Him.

Rock Girl- Rock Girl is Rock Guy's Daughter, who is Playable by Player 2. She is a Tomboy who likes to Help Rock Guy, and Doesn't really care about her appearance.


Rock Guy (Game)- In this Game, Rock Guy tries to Save Rosetta by going through Levels and Defeating Henchman.

Rock Guy 2- In this Game, the Undead Empire Releases Phantoms for Rock Guy to Fight, while also Possessing Rosetta.

Rock Guy Racing- This is the First Spin-Off with Rock Guy and his Friends Racing.

Rock Guy 3- This is the latest game and Involves Rock Guy Teaming Up with other Fantendo Characters to Defeat the Undead Empire.


Ball- Turns Rock Guy into a Ball to roll over enemies.

Plane- Turns Rock Guy into a Plane and Shoots Missiles

Mega Shooter- Has Rock Guy Rapidly shoot Missiles

Undead- Makes him have a Disguise which makes him look undead so no enemies attack him. Last for 5 seconds.


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