Rock Band City is a area that appears in the game Super Mario : Raving Rabbids, it is the 2nd world of the game, it is ruled by Lavora, this game uses robotic enemys that has music in them, Music Rabbids appear in this world


Level(s) Description Objective(s)
Music Streets Menacing city that has rocking musics here, you will go here first and find some menacing musics Find the exit.
Punk Alley you enter this alley before you become Punkified! Try to throw away all the trash.
The Musical Skyscraper You will find some people who are building this Skyscraper, With Music! Destroy 5 Music Boxes that are located all over the Skyscraper
Music Chase in this race, you will race against 3 punks who like musics. become 1st and race 3 laps before time's up.
Punky Chunks You are in a junk yard, but what junk yard is this when its full of broken music boxs? Find the exit.
Rocking Room You find Lavora in this room, but you must defeat her to journey further Defeat Lavora to pass

Boss Battle

You must be Punk Mario in the battle, in this battle, she will attack you with music boxes behind her wired to a guitar she's holding, she would attack you by playing Loud music, causing shockwaves, Mario must avoid it by ducking, Lavora will begin to play a soft punk music, causing a Music Note to appear infront of her and home on mario unless he spits gum at the note, spitting one gum will cover the music note in gum and will stop, spitting it again will move backwards, it will deal damage to Lavora, Lavora will repeat the attack again, this process must be repeated 3 times for Lavora to be defeated, after being defeated, Mario will get a Black Hood and robe, and a scythe, unlocking Grim Reaper Mario

Boss Music

(comming soon)


  • The music theme for this world is a remix of Wario Land Shake It! Glittertown Level music

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