Rock Band-Robert Kelly is The game That features characters from R. Kelly, And Its songs, Such as I Believe I Can Fly! Unlike The previous istallments of The Rock Band series, The game looks more like Guitar Hero, With Guitar Hero characters To choose from. The game was released in 2017.


The Default Character

  • Axel Steel
  • Lars Ümlaüt
  • Xavier Stone
  • Johnny Napalm
  • Judy Nails
  • Kasey Lynch

Robert's Unlockable Character

  • JAY Z [Unlocked After Doing The JAY Z Guitar Battle, Then Unlock JAY Z In The In-Game Store For $7.99!]
  • Chris Brown [Unlocked After Doing The Chris Brown Guitar Battle, Then Unlock Chris Brown In The In-Game Store For $5.99!]
  • Aalyiah [Unlocked After Doing The Aalyiah Guitar Versus, Then Unlock Aalyiah In The In-Game Store For $3.99!]
  • Billie Joe Armstrong [Unlocked After Doing The Wake Me Up When September End's Song, Then Do The Robert Kelly FT. Billie Joe Armstrong Song, Then Unlock Billie Joe Armstrong In The In-Game Store For $100.00!]

Wii Exclusive Character

  • Ness [Wii-Exclusive Character, For Having An EarthBound Brand Song In The Game. He Is Unlocked After Doing The Pollyanna Song, Then Unlock Ness In The In-Game Store For $100.00!]



Song Artist
Bulls On Parade The Rage Against The Machine
Hey Their Delilah Plain White T's
Wake Me Up When September End's The Green Day
I Believe In You "Pollyanna" The Catherine Warwick
Timmy And The Lords Of The Underworld Timmy And The Lords Of The Underworld

Robert Kelly Songs

Song Artist
I Believe I Can Fly The Robert Kelly
Ignition The Robert Kelly
Bumb 'N' Grind The Robert Kelly
Your Body's Callin' The Robert Kelly
I Wish The Robert Kelly
Down Low The Robert Kelly
It Seems Like Your Ready The Robert Kelly
When The Women's Fed Up! The Robert Kelly
The Same Girl The Robert Kelly
Feelin' On Yo' Booty The Robert Kelly
The Rock Star! The Robert Kelly
The Cookie The Robert Kelly
The Leg's Shakin' The Robert Kelly
The World's Greatest The Robert Kelly
You Remind Me Of Something! The Robert Kelly
Step In The Name Of The Law The Robert Kelly
The Fiesta [Remix] The Robert Kelly
The Greatest Sex The Robert Kelly
Slow Wind The Robert Kelly
I Believe I Can Fly FT. Billie Joe Armstrong The Robert Kelly X Billie Joe Armstrong

MORE CONTENT ON THE GAME COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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