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Robud's appearance in Super Mario Nation.
Full Name Robud
Location Satellite Starstation
Class Helper
Family and Relations
Robob (father)
Robeth (mother)
Main Weapon(s) Beam

Robud is a small robotic UFO-like character that appears as a helper to Mario in Super Mario Nation. He is part of a robot species that only residents in Satellite Starstation. He is the son of Robob and Robeth, two other members of his species.


Super Mario Nation

Robud's debut is in Super Mario Nation. Mario meets him after defeating Bowser's R.O.B.O.O.T. He was said to be kidnapped by Bowser and used to power the giant robot. He agrees to help Mario save Peach if Mario helps him get home in return. Robud can help Mario in three different ways, similar to the Cosmic Spirit in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are: Flying (flying Mario up over the level, similar to Hoot the Owl), Guiding (leading Mario to the Power Star), or Enhancing (enhancing one of Mario's abilities, such as jumping or running). He will only get a Bronze Star if he uses Robud.


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