Robot Master Wars is a fighting game spinoff to the classic Mega Man series. It was released worldwide in September 2015 for Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, and Vita. The game features all Robot Masters and a few extra characters duking it out in 3D battlefields. It is also the 1st in a trilogy, with two more games, Maverick Wars and NetNavi Wars, coming soon.


The game is a 3D open world fighting game. It's gameplay can be described as "Anarchy Reigns mixed with Dissidia , with some elements of Power Stone  thrown in". Up to 4 people locally or 8 online wander around large 3D open world arenas, using both their special powers, objects in the stage (umbrellas, tables, etc.), as well as special powerups (speed up, Dizzy Flash, etc.) to take down opponents. As you fight your super bar fills up, and when it's full, you can preform a special qick time event to activate a devastating super attack. Each character has a unique one. Also, levels are fully destructible and change throughtout the fight. You must simply be the last one standing to win. However, there are other modes that change up the gameplay.

Playable Characters

The game features every Robot Master from Mega Man 1-10 as playable characters. Other Robot Masters from other games will be avalible via DLC packs.


  • Cut Man
  • Guts Man
  • Ice Man
  • Bomb Man
  • Fire Man
  • Elec Man
  • Metal Man
  • Air Man
  • Bubble Man
  • Quick Man
  • Crash Man
  • Flash Man
  • Heat Man
  • Wood Man
  • Needle Man
  • Magnet Man
  • Gemini Man
  • Hard Man
  • Top Man
  • Snake Man
  • Spark Man
  • Shadow Man
  • Bright Man
  • Toad Man
  • Drill Man
  • Pharaoh Man
  • Ring Man
  • Dust Man
  • Dive Man
  • Skull Man
  • Gravity Man
  • Wave Man
  • Stone Man
  • Gyro Man
  • Star Man
  • Charge Man
  • Napalm Man
  • Crystal Man
  • Blizzard Man
  • Centaur Man
  • Flame Man
  • Knight Man
  • Plant Man
  • Tomahawk Man
  • Wind Man
  • Yamato Man
  • Freeze Man
  • Junk Man
  • Burst Man
  • Cloud Man
  • Spring Man
  • Slash Man
  • Shade Man
  • Turbo Man
  • Tengu Man
  • Astro Man
  • Sword Man
  • Clown Man
  • Search Man
  • Frost Man
  • Grenade Man
  • Aqua Man
  • Concrete Man
  • Tornade Man
  • Splash Woman
  • Plug Man
  • Jewel Man
  • Hornet Man
  • Magma Man
  • Galaxy Man
  • Blade Man
  • Pump Man
  • Commando Man
  • Chill Man
  • Sheep Man
  • Strike Man
  • Nitro Man
  • Solar Man

DLC Packs

Pack Name Characters
Random Fake Man, Arcade Man, Dark Man, Ground Woman, Doc Robot, Ra Thor, Quint
Powered Up Genesis Killers Oil Man, Time Man, Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, Hyper Storm H, Enker, Punk, Ballade
Mega Man & Bass Dynamo Man, Cold Man, Ground Man, Pirate Man, Burner Man, Magic Man, Dangan Man, Konro Man, Aircon Man, Komuso Man, Clock Man, Compass Man
PC Sonic Man, Volt Man, Dyna Man, Bit Man, Shark Man, Wave Man PC, Oil Man PC, Blade Man PC, Torch Man
Super Sonic Guests Tails Man, Rose Woman, Knuckles Man, Shadow Man, Silver Man, Blaze Woman, Charmy Man, Espio Man, Vector Man, Rouge Woman
Rockman Strategy Aires, Tauros, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Luna, Apollo

Terra, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sunstar


more to come....


  • This game marks the first appearences of Ground Woman and the Sonic Robot Masters in a video game
  • This is the first time Capcom has mentioned the PC, Rockman Strategy and Rockman & Forte: Mirai kara no Chōsensha Robot Masters since those games released
  • This is the first Mega Man game on next-gen consoles, as well as the Playstation Vita
  • This has the most playable characters in a Capcom fighting game, with 148 characters
  • The only Robot Masters not featured are Big Man, the 4 from Dreamwave's Mega Man comics, and the many fan-made and other Robot Masters from the different Mega Man mangas

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