Robo Ostrich (Tiruma! Senlaki Genko!)
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Ostrich
Current Status Defeated, Exploded
Ability/ies Saw tail, rocket shoot, laser beam and flamethrower
First Appearance Ep 118: Robo Ostrich's strike
Latest Appearance Ep 193: Robo Ostrich is striking again!

Robo Ostrich (ロボダチョウ, Robodachou) is an robot ostrich-like species. It only appears in two episodes from the Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! series: Ep 118: Robo Ostrich's strike and Ep 193: Robo Ostrich is striking again!.

Robo Ostrich terrorizes Tokyo city, and can run at the speed of an ostrich. He initially only has 3 abilities, which are Rocket Shoot, Saw Tail and Laser Beam, but he uses a new ability in Ep 193 -- Flamethrower. He uses all of his abilities against the main Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! characters and the city.

Character History

In Ep 118, Robo Ostrich terrorizes Tokyo city, though he is later defeated by the Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! gang to stop him from doing so.

In Ep 193, he attempts to terrorize Tokyo again, but again fails when the Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! gangs defeat him again. He finally explodes in this episode, and is not seen again until the final episode.

In the final ep, Robo Ostrich's phantom is seen along with a few other phantoms like phantom Evil Turkeys, phantom Giant Cobra, phantom Drastmas, etc. All of these phantoms seek revenge against Tiruma! Senlaki Genko! for defeated them in the previous episodes.