Robo Madness GT is a game for the Nintendo GT, it involves Scyplo being sent on a mission to another planet. But breaks. Now Scyplo has to get all his parts back, with help from his alien friends, the Flarggans. But an evil space pirate wants to use Scyplo's parts for bad!


Scyplo is upgraded by Elfain to be stronger and more intelligent, she also fixes his emotions so he can use them outside battle. Scyplo then discovers that, using his radar, that there is extremely expensive gemstones buried in the ground of their neighboring planet, Flarggan. So Elfain sends Scyplo is sent on a mission to gain all the gemstones!

As Scyplo flies to the planet however, his ship is shot down, and all his upgrades are sent defunct. He decides to explore the planet, but then he sees a tiny green alien with an antenna on his head being attacked by a giant monster, Scyplo shoots the monster, making it fly away. The tiny alien thanks Scyplo and introduces himself as Kiddie. Scyplo explains that he has come for gemstones, but all his upgrades fell off. Kiddie then shows him Scyplo's emotion box and gives it to him, Scyplo puts it in, and Kiddie tells him that a Space Pirate named Captain Tentacles has been stealing the planet's gemstones, he asks Scyplo to help him regain the gemstones for his people, and Scyplo agrees.

Meanwhile, Captain Tentacles finds one of Scyplo's upgrades, The Turbo Battle Arm, and decides to put it on his new robot that he rebuilt after finding it's remains in space. Beltopy, is this robot.


  • Scyplo - A robot with emotions, his upgrades fell off while he was in space and been scattered across Flarggan. He is fast and strong, and is was the first of his type to be made.
  • Kiddie - A tiny alien who is Scyplo's guide and helper in this game. He has tiny legs and an antennae on top of his head.
  • Captain Tentacles - An evil Space Pirate who is also looking for Scyplo's upgrades, to add them to Beltopy, who's remains were floating in space.
  • Beltopy - An evil clone of Scyplo and the second model in the EMOTE series of robots. He was rebuilt by Captain Tentacles after falling apart in Space.
  • Elfain - A very intelligent Oceanian girl who first built Scyplo's upgrades, she talks to Scyplo through a communicator.
  • Edmund - Another one of the scientists who built Scyplo, he built three other members of the same type as Scyplo which he entitled EMOTE. These were GLEEF, MISERAB, and FURIO.
  • Gleef - The third model of the EMOTE series. She is always happy and finds the Flarggans adorable. She is somewhat of a younger sister to Scyplo.
  • Miserab - The fourth modle of the EMOTE series. He is almost always sad and doesn't try hard on anything, despite his extreme power.
  • Furio - The fifth and latest model of the EMOTE series. She is very tempermental and usually caries out her fury on trees and poles.
  • Pieralki - Another one of the scientists who created Scyplo, he was in charge of monitoring Scyplo's journey, but as the ship was destroyed, Pieralki panicked and sent Cheepel to find him.
  • Cheepel - A tiny robot who was sent to look for Scyplo. He speaks in a very high pitched voice.


The gameplay specializes the GT controls. Scyplo can summon his helpers by using the menu with the X Button. He can jump using A and shoot using B. He explores 10 different Flarggan Villages, finding his upgrades.

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