Robo Madness: Pumpkin Peril is a action-adventure/puzzle game by Fusion Entertainment revolving around the Robo Madness series. It was released for the Hybrid Delta, and is expected to release around Halloween, which coincides with the theme in the game.


It's a few days before Halloween a few years after the events of Robo Madness, and Scyplo has been invited to accept anew helmet from Professor Elfain. He accepts the invitaton, and arrives when Jack, a robot scanner satellite drone built by Professor Elfain returns to his lab with great news. A new planet has been discovered with life. Elfain sends Scyplo, Jack and her assistant Melice to investigate, but not before bringing Cheepel with him.


The game is a 3D Action-Adventure game, with up to 4 characters playable. Solving missions, and with a puzzle style game elements. From jumping to certain asteroids in tight spaces will switch the game to a platforming point of view.

Each character can use power-ups which are stated below. Power-Ups are activated by collecting 100 Pelota dust, shaped like small candy. Hidden around each level are 8 Spider's legs, which you have to collect.



Playable Characters

Image Name Description Ability
None yet Scyplo The hero of the game sent to investigate. Multifunctional
None yet Cheepel Ah Cheepel, Scyplo's trusty assistant has to come with him, right? TBA
None Yet. Jack Jack, the experimental prototype Scanner Satellite drone. Scanning floors below or in a small radius for enemies and items.
None Yet. Melice She's determined to follow her master's orders and make this excursion a success! To startle enemies by becoming infatuated with them.

Power Ups

In total there are 20 power-ups in the game. Green back-ground items are the least powerful, but most common. Red are of average power and rarity. And each character has a Uber Move.

Image Name Description How to Unlock
None yet Pumpkin Helmet The Pumpkin Helmet is used to smash objects with Scyplo's head. Not Applicable.
None yet Fangs Fancy a quick and easy snack anyone? Biting could never be so easier. Complete Level 3.
None yet Witches Hat Which witch is which? Now Scyplo and co. can tell which this trendy witch hat. Complete Level 4
None yet Vroomstick I believe I can fly... Complete Level 4
None yet Zombie Walk Walk like a zombie. Defeat 5 Zombies in Level 5.
None yet Skeleton Suit At least Scyplo has somebody to go with. Get a time of 0:20 seconds or less in the Skeletal Stroll.
None yet Spider Gain extra legs for easier knock-down effect on enemies, you can run rampage my friend. Not Applicable.
Collect the 8 spider legs in level 3. Werewolf Howl into the moon and turn into a rabid wolf, howling can leave your foe paralyzed and easy to attack with your claws. Defeat your first Werewolf.
None yet Ghost Your a born again as a... ghost? You can haunt and control enemies into destruction. Defeat 100 enemies.


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