Main Quests

Name Description Objective Reward
Fall of a King Recently, the cities in Gardlia have been attacked, by a creature known as the "Giga Slimebot", the SlimeBot is a large, enhanced Slimebot made from many Slimebots merged together. Your objective is to destroy this SlimeBot and stop it from wreaking more havoc.
  • Defeat the Giga Slimebot
Coming Soon...

Side Quests

Name Description Objective Reward
Electric Surge Here in our business for the refinery of Iron, we need energy and we're starting to run very low on it and without it we cannot run our business, could you get 5 Electrical Units from them Slimebots over there in the fields and bring them back to me?
  • Collect 5 Electrical Units from the Slimebots
  • Return to the Factory Chief
Coming Soon...

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