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North American boxart
Developer(s) Alpha Generations, Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Co.
Platform(s) SP1DR
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
February 1, 2012 (NA and PAL)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ESRB - T for Teen
PEGI - 12
Media Included SP1DR Optical Disc

RoboNation (also known as OilSpill in PAL regions) is an Action-Adventure game that stars Charlie the Robot in his quest to save the employees of FastForce101 from the evil Bolt and his BG-8000s. The game is released exclusively for the SP1DR system.


The gameplay of the game is similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy and it's sequel. Players control Charlie as he jumps, uses weapons and destroys the evil robots. The game also has weapons that can be found in crates or by defeating other robots. While Charlie must find weapons (and must use his fists if he has none), Copper doesn't, having many guns in his arsenal which are accessed with the Item Wheel (holding X brings it up).


The story of the game is shown in the beginning cutscene
The story begins with Charlie in the FastForce101 headquarters getting a tour, due to him being new. He is then shown his regular "office" area where he has a computer, pager and phone.

The chief of FastForce101 then appoints Charlie to deliver a package to the team's most trusted affiliate; Spazznazz. So, Charlie runs off to deliver the message. While he is gone, many BG-8000s show up and capture the entire FastForce101, leaving a note for anyone suspicious (like Charlie).

Some time later, Charlie returns to the wrecked building to find the note left by the BG-8000s. He knows that it's his duty too save his fellow employees, but decides to get a little help.

Playable Characters


Charlie is the newest member of FastForce101. He is able to use any weapon that he finds on the ground, including Crowbars, Hammers, Assault Rifles and Baseball Bats.


Copper is the city's chief of police, and Charlie's childhood friend. After everyone from FastForce101 gets captured, Charlie immediately rushes to Copper for his help. Copper uses many guns as weapons, like AK-47, G18, Desert Eagle, SPAS-12 and L118A.

Chief Mettil

Chief Mettil is the chief of FastForce101. He does not use any weapons, except for being able to shoot with the machine gun on his arm.

Evil Characters


Bolt is an evil robot and the first villain of the FastForce101. He has an army of BG-8000s at his disposal. He is fought in "World 10-10".


Gelevis is Bolt's right-hand-man. He is a recurring boss and is fought in "World 1-6", "World 4-2" and "World 7-10".



  • FastForce101 is based off the real-life war faction Task Force 141.
    • Spazznazz is also based off the real-life war faction Spetsnez.
  • Originally the game's name was "RoboWar", then was changed to "OilNation", and later changed to "RoboNation" (for NA) and "OilSpill" (for PAL).
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