Robo-Pirahna, the first boss in Fishbone: Attack of the Chefs!
Current Age N/A
Gender N/A
The Head Chef
Main Weapon(s) Teeth
Ability/ies Bite
First Appearance Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!
Latest Appearance Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!
Robo-Pirahna is the world 1 boss of Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!

Physical Apperance

The Robo-Pirahna is a silver robot fish with sharp, white teeth. It has glowing red eyes used to hunt it's pray.


Beating the Robo Pirahna is really casual. What you must do is dodge his attacks until he runs straight toward you with his mouth open, trying to bite you. Then he will be stuck to the wall and you can hit his weak spot, the tail. Repeat this 3 times and you win!

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