Robo-47 in War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge
Full Name Robo-47
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender None
Current Status Alive
Class Militar Robot
Main Weapon(s) Homing Missiles
Ability/ies Fire Homing Missiles
First Appearance War of the Monsters
Latest Appearance War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge
Robo-47 is a military robot maded by the American Army who first appeared in War of Monsters

Video Game Apparances

War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge

A giant robot, Robo-47 was built by the American military, and, for lack of a feasible power source, abandoned in an army barracks. An alien saucer crashed nearby the building and the vaporized fuel crept inside, awakening Robo-47. Robo-47's special attack is a long range homing rocket that can lock on and chase its target exploding on impact.


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