SSB Fire Emblem Series
Availability Default
Series Fire Emblem
First Appearance Fire Emblem: Awakening (2012)
Home Stage Grima
Final Smash Awakening of Grima


The avatar, default name Robin is an avatar playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening who acts as a secondary protagonist to the game. Created by the player at the beginning of a save file, the avatar is a close friend and ally to Prince Chrom of Ylisse who acts as the tactician for his militia, the Shepherds.

The avatar, under their default name, Robin in English, is also one of eight playable characters representing the Fire Emblem series in Super Smash Bros. Golden Eclipse.
Source: Fire Emblem Wiki


- : Thunder - Robin casts thunder magic from his tome. This is a chargeable projectile with distinct properties for each charge level: Thunder (a fast, weak, and short-ranged spark) is produced when the move is uncharged, followed by Elthunder (a yellow, stronger blast with more range) which is cast when briefly charged, then Arcthunder (a red, gradually accelerating and multiple hitting projectile), and finally Thoron (an infinite-ranged, powerful and electrical energy beam whose range and damage can be extended by holding the special button) when fully charged. Each of them has its uses: Thunder and Elthunder can be used as a get-off me option, Arcthunder can be used for briefly trapping opponents for a free followup, and Thoron has the highest KO potential of all of its versions. (4.5% (Thunder), 10.5% (Elthunder), 3% (Arcthunder, hit 1), 1% (Arcthunder, loop hits), 1% (Arcthunder, last hit), 2.6% (Thoron, loop hits))

> : Arcfire-  Robin casts fire magic from his Arcfire tome. It creates a tiny fireball that travels diagonally downward from above his head and bursts into a pillar of flame on impact. It is primarily useful for disrupting approaches and capitalizing on the opponent's reaction. (1% (shot), 1% (pillar), 4% (explosion))

^ : Elwind -  Robin casts Elwind below himself twice which propels him into the air. The first wind blade can meteor smash aerial foes directly below him, while the late hit can setup for the second hit, which launches the opponent too far to counterattack Robin. When Elwind is depleted, Robin will have no means of recovery for 6 seconds, which can prove disastrous if he wastes his tome uses. Robin is also left without protection from above when used, making him easy to gimp. (7% (shot 1 clean), 5% (shot 1 late), 5% (shot 2))

v : Nosferatu -  Robin casts Nosferatu on a close opponent to drain their life force, healing Robin as a result. Inflicts constant damage and acts a grab. More energy is drained if the player mashes the special attack button, attacks from behind, and/or has higher damage percentage than the victim. Robin will be left helpless if the move ends midair. It can also be used as a Sacrifical KO. (0.8% (per hit))

F : Awakening of Grima -  TBA (TBA)

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