Robin (Skip and Sqak)
Current Age 13
Gender Female
Species Yellow Bird
Location Sunny City
Current Status Active
Class Grade 7
Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters
Family and Relations
Roshan (Love Interest)

Sqak (Best Friend)

Main Weapon(s) Plasma Gun, Plasma Whip
Ability/ies Shoot Plasma Gun, Sting Plasma Whip
Voice Actor(s)
Tara Strong
First Appearance Skip and Sqak (1993)

Robin is one of the Main Characters of Skip and Sqak and 2. She is a yellow bird who Sqak has a crush on, but in Skip and Sqak 2 she starts dating Roshan.

Skip and Sqak

Robin's role is giving Skip and Sqak moves that they can buy on her shop. Sqak also hides a secret crush on her, but she never notices.

Through out the game, the duo have been buying her products to go around the game and In the final level, Robin is locked in a cage with her friends. When she is freed, Robin becomes aware of Sqak's crush on her, after he says "Now go somewhere safe until we..." and Robin asks "Why? Are you in love with me?", much to Sqak's embarrassment.

In the 100% ending, Robin is laying on the beach wearing a bikini.

Skip and Sqak 2

After being sent 600 years into Sunny City, Robin starts working as a mechanic in the Stadium for money. When the gang first enter the room to sign for the tournament, she doesn't have time to talk to them since she thought they were obsessed fans of Ravi, (AKA her client) since she and the gang are separated by a curtain.

Robin lets the group race in the empty stadium for practice. After their free time, Croco angrilly scolds Robin for still refusing to let them sign up. Robin finally opens the curtains when recognizing Croco's voice, and fell in love with Roshan when she first saw him, to Sqak's jealousy.

Robin fights with a Plasma Whip, which the player can do stunts and combos with it. Through out the game, Robin and Roshan get protective with each other when the 2 fight together, such as they slowly cradle when they hug each other.

In the end of the game, the lovebirds hold hands together as fireworks shoot from the sky.


Robin is a yellow bird with an orange beak, grey hair, and wears a black outfit. Her outfit is a black coat, gloves, and pants, with an orange belt and boots.