There are many swordsmen in Omega, but no one like Robin! He can perform some spells and his precious sword can be broken! No problem! Some seconds after, the sword can be re-usable. During this period, you can use a weaker sword. He is a Wizard character and his main elements are Thunder, Fire, Wind and Darkness.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Thunder. Robin charges a Thunder spell which can inflict from 4% (the Thunder) to 15% (the Thoron).

Side Special: Arcfire. Robin shoots a fireball which has an arc direction and which inflict 12% of damage.

Up Special: Elwind. Robin shoots some wind blades and if he's on air, he will shoot them under and he will jump over. The damage is 7%.

Down Special: Nosferatu. Robin recover himself by stealing some Damage Points from a close opponent. The damage (and the recover) is higher if used behind the target.

Final Smash: Double Attack. Robin calls Chrom and they attack using the spells and the sword. The total damage is 82%.

Special Ability: Levin Sword. Robin has got the strongest sword in the game: the Levin Sword but it can broke after 25 hit. For 15 seconds he will use a weaker Bronze Sword.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode.

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