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Robin SSBFOW-Unknown
RobinSSB4Render SSB Fire Emblem Series
Robin's placeholder art from SSB4.
What Time is It?
Universe Fire Emblem
Smash Status Veteran
Availability Starter
Weight Class Middle
Size Medium
Difficulty Medium
Tier Unknown
Final Smash Unknown

Robin is a playable veteran fighter in Fate of the World.


Robin is a unique Magician X Swordsman character, unlike other fellow Fire Emblem characters who rely solely on a mighty sword to dish out damage. His well known element of Thunder can be used in many ways, ranging from unleashing a weak zap that can help Robin zone out a foe, or a long line of powerful electricity known as Thoron. He can unleash a fire attack with his side special Arcfire, which leaves opponents vulnerable to a attack. The element of Wind is primarily used as Robin's means of recovery through Elwind, he can use this to go upwards, or if recovering from the sidelines, aimed to go backwards and propel Robin forward. His rapid jab combo will also use this to rapidly slash his foe, or if on the ground he can cast Elwind forward to blast his foes. Darkness is used in Robin's down special Nosferatu, it is hard to land but rewards Robin with more health. Last but not least, his Levin Sword is his primary means of melee attacks. It is a long blade enhanced with powerful electricity, and can deal alot of damage no matter where you strike.

Changes from SSB4

Robin got buffed from the transition overall, as he is no longer affected by Durability, he is a bit quicker and his attacks with the Levin Sword ( which is now used for all attacks instead of the Bronze Sword ) have more range as the blade is a bit larger. However to compensate for the fact his equipment has unlimited durability, his magical attacks and sword strikes deal slightly less damage.


  • Robin's appearance has received minor changes, such as his clothes appearing even more realistic.
  • The Levin Sword crackles with electricity, even when it's not being used. His tomes also receive a similar effect, where the associated element occasionally appears on it.


  • Robin is no longer the slowest fighter ever, as all areas of speed have been increased.
  • The addition of wavedashing and other techniques from Melee improve Robins options on the ground.
  • Durability mechanic no longer exists, allowing Robin to keep his Levin Sword and tomes.
  • Levin Sword is larger, improving his range up close.

Ground Attacks

  • Down smash now causes Robin to strike both sides of him, improving its versatility.
  • Dash attack now involves Robin sticking out the Levin Sword rather than keeping it as his side, improving the range.


  • Robin's grab range has increased.
  • All throws deal slightly more damage.

Special Moves

  • All specials have slightly less power.
  • Elwind can be angled.
  • Arcfire's pillar of flame lasts longer.
  • In light of Chrom becoming playable in this game, Robin's Final Smash has changed. Just what is it though?



  • Neutral B - Thunder. Robin switches to the Thunder tome and begins charging up electricity. For the first few seconds, he can unleash a weak zap, after that he can fire a El Thunder which has a wider distance and deals more damage. After El Thunder, Robin can fire Arc Thunder, a powerful orb of electricity that will become a multi-hitting X on contact. Finally, the last stage of charging will involve Thoron, a powerful beam of electricity that has the most power of these spells. It can strike foes far away!
  • Side B - ArcFire. Robin switches to the Arcfire tome and summon a ball of fire. It will go down and cause a pillar of flame to appear for a bit. Foes will take repeated hits and be left open for a attack.
  • Down B - Nosferatu. Robin switches to the Nosferatu tome and summons a swirl of dark energy. It's hard to land but can drain the HP of foes and restore some of Robin's.
  • Up B - Elwind. Robin switches to the Elwind tome and fires two blades of wind downwards for a fair recovery move. Immediately tapping < will allow Robin to fire them backwards, aiding his recovery from the sidelines. Using this attack on the ground will have slight starting-lag, in that window you can angle Elwind <, > or ^, making it a projectile option. The first blade of wind is capable of spiking a foe downwards in the air.
  • Final Smash - Unknown!



  • Robin appears from a warp circle and lands softly on the ground. He starts the battle with the Thunder tome.