Robin's Jungle Rumble
Robin's Jungle Rumble (3DS)
3DS Cover
Developer(s) Yellow Apple Games
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita
Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
November 8, 2015 (NA)
November 20, 2015 (EU and AUS)
December 12, 2015 (JP)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Robin's Jungle Rumble is a spin off to the Skip and Sqak Reboot. In this game, Robin and her boyfriend Roberto go on a quest uncovering mysterious temples and artifacts on Tatleeka Island to save the Riftin Museum and Roberto's parents.

It is developed for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita and released in November 2015.


A mysterious ancient island known as Tatleeka Island rises above from the bottom of the sea every decade, which is said to have temples of ancient riches guarded by ancient creatures.

Meanwhile, Robin goes on a date with her Spaniard boyfriend Roberto to his family's museum only to discover that it has been robbed and all the antiques have been stolen. To prevent the Riftin museum from closing down, Roberto's father Richard notices an artifact in his backpack is vibrating indicating that Tatleeka Island has risen from the sea. Once Robin and the Riftin family arrived to the island, however, the island's ancient ruler Lord Tatleeka captures Richard and Ricada for robbing his island 20 years ago and turns them both to stone as punishment. Robin reads from ancient carvings on the wall that the only way to free Roberto's parents from Tatleeka's stone spell is to collect the six ancient artifacts hidden deeply in the temples on the island.

The two young birds travel into each of the Tatleeka Island's six temples, going through obstacles and fighting several of Lord Tatleeka's minions during the search for the six ancient artifacts. However, after collecting the six artifacts in each temple, the two birds learned that in order to complete the spell to free the Riftins is to gain the crown of Lord Tatleeka. They go up to the Tatleeka Tower where they confront and battled Lord Tatleeka in his throne room. Upon being defeated, Lord Tatleeka disintigrates just as the entire tower begins to collapse. Recieving the crown, Robin and Roberto managed to free Mr. and Mrs. Riftin from their stone imprisonment and left the island as it slowly sinks into the bottom of the sea.

If the player finds all hidden treasures, a special mode will be unlocked called "Ancient Mode". In it, the player plays as Richard and Ricada back when they were young treasure hunters going through the same segments only with one health and no checkpoints.


Character Abilities
Robin Explorer (Remake)


  • Whips enemies at a distance
  • Runs quick
  • Picks up things farther away
Roberto the Swallow


  • Breaks cracked spots with his fists
  • Can bounce on water
  • Defeats enemies quicker


Temple of Instruments

Temple of Plants

Temple of Atlantis

Temple of Swamps

Temple of Snow and Lava

Temple of Tombs

Tatleeka Tower

Gold Temple

A secret temple that can be unlocked by finding all 7 tokens.


The enemies in the game are ancient guardians of the temples.

Tatleeka Guardians

Instrument Guardians

  • Bum Drum: Drum-like guardians that patrol a platform.
  • Xylo-Phoney: Xylophone-like guardians who have spikes on their sides.
  • Belly Bell: Bell-like guardians that are floating in the air.
  • Boom Bell: Bells that fire projectiles.
  • Trumple: Tuba-like guardians that shoot cannonballs.

Plant Guardians

  • Petal Pot
  • Pepper Pot
  • Pot Head
  • Thorn Pot
  • Munch Pot

Atlantis Guardians

  • Guppy: Fish that roam in the water.
  • Poker: Swordfish that charge their sharp noses at you.
  • Jelly: Jellyfish with painful stingers.
  • Razor Teeth: Piranhas that chomp anything in front of them.
  • Pin Ball: Urchins that grow their spikes upon noticing you.

Swamp Guardians

  • Mud Slug: Slugs that roam platforms.
  • Sludge Surprise: Creatures that hide themselves in piles of mud and pop up when noticing you.
  • Mukpole: Tadpoles that roam in the muddy water.
  • Wormy: Earthworms that rise out of the ground.

Snow and Lava Guardians

  • Icy Ike: Ice Cubes that roam platforms.
  • Snow Brawl: Brutes made out of snow that need 3 hits to defeat.
  • Coal Carl: Coals that roam platforms. Some of them are even on fire.
  • Hot Head: Creatures made of flames that cannot be bopped when on fire, wait till the fire extinguishes.
  • Zpark: These balls of hazard cannot be defeated, but to be avoided. In Snow, they are the form of a snow flake; and in Lava, they are balls of fire.

Tomb Guardians

  • TBA

Tatleeka Guardians

  • TBA


  • Bonko: A large Bum Drum who is the guardian of the Instrument Temple.
  • Verne: A venus flytrap who is the guardian of the Plant Temple.
  • Zeri: A genetic jellyfish who is the guardian of the Atlantis Temple.
  • Squidge: A squid-like monster who is the guardian of the Swamp Temple.
  • Rubble Twins: A duo of ice/lava statues who are the guardians of the Snow and Lava Temple.
  • Zugai: A skeleton creature who is the guardian of the Tomb Temple.
  • Lord Tatleeka: The ancient ruler of Tatleeka Island.
  • Tatleeka Statue: The secret boss of the Gold Temple only in Ancient Mode.

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