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Robert the Moose
Full Name Robert the Moose
Date of Birth January 12th, 1909
Gender Male
Location The Forest, Canada
Current Status Alive (Turning Point)
Class Director of Revolution
First Appearance Fantendo - Turning Point

Robert the Moose is the director of Revolution. A Canadian immigrant and an old hero, Robert the Moose used his reward money to found Revolution and acts as it's leader.

He's a primary character in Fantendo - Turning Point. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Turning Point

Physical Appearance

Robert the Moose looks similar to Exotoro's art of Henry the Moose, but with dark eyebrows and no facial hair, as well as green eyes. He always wears a business suit, red tie, and top hat.


Robert the Moose was an adventurer in his days, and as such is a skilled fighter who uses acrobatics in combat and martial arts to best his enemies. His style makes use of his horns and hooves.

Besides combat, Robert is a skilled leader and excellent with micro-managing. He's also fairly smart and a skilled strategist with many connections.


Robert is a kind, understanding, and patient man, in many ways the opposite of Vincent Lewis. He's good at making friends and is practically the definition of charming.

Despite his positive qualities, Robert definitely has some secrets he would like to stay secrets, and a vicious dark side he hides from his friends. He tends to bottle his bad emotions up.

Robert is netural towards the police and government, believing that they aren't bad but that Revolution can handle some cases much better then they can. He despises discrimination.