Robby the Rabbit is a main character in the T.V series, Bobby the Bunny. He is Bobby's older brother by 2 seconds. He is very grumpy and has a depressing backstory.

Robby James Boingo
Current Age 21
Date of Birth 6/21/1995
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Location Greensburg
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Bobby (brother) Glyn (brother) Timber (nephew)
Music, being alone
Jeff, Bobby
Series Bobby the Bunny

Appearance Edit

Robby looks very similar to his twin brother, Bobby. He has long ears and big eyes. He differs from his brother though, he has purple fur, unlike Bobby's green fur. He usably wears blue overalls and red shoes.

Personality Edit

Although he looks similar to Bobby, on the inside he is completely different. He witnessed his dad's death at a young age, and has tried to forget. Robby is also very grumpy and has a short attention span. Although he seems rather mean to Bobby, he loves him and is glad he has a brother, as his dad wasn't there. He will do anything he can for Bobby, even though Bobby will always be more popular. He loves music, especially rock music.

Robby History Edit

Robby has been through a lot and people wonder why he hasn't become insane. When he was the age of 3 and only just started producing memorys he wandered into the alley next to his house and saw his own father get stabbed to death and the crook mad sure he was dead by pouring gasaline over him then setting him alight. Bobby was watching TvTubby on the TV and witnessed nothing. In the present day he drinks that nightmare away with shampane at the Royal Royale Bar. He's had 12 girlfriends; he knows Bun wants to be his girlfriend (that's why he still runs away). Through these rough times even if he doesn't believe him Bobby is always there for him. He has INSANE gambling debts, his lowest being 4.892 Trillion dollars. He's also been diagnosed with depression and on top of that he was bullied at school for being purple and that's a female colour. (Girl rabbit colours: Pink, Purple, Violet, Magenta, Light Red and Pale. Boys: Green, Red, Blue, Brown, Black, Yellow and Orange. Can be either: All the colours I didn't say). He was the first BunnyRabbit to breach this code and got tested at a weirdness camp to see what was wrong with him, nothing. While he isn't drinking or on screen or in his mansion he's out on an adventure on his own. In the BTB Wii U game this expansion is what unlocks Bun and Robby's special-special ability called Built-up Rage. Robby has been to other dimensions, traveled through time, gone through timelines, split universes apart, ensure that Bobby's timeline makes sure he lives as long as he can. He has also trained in 3.7 different fighting styles. why .7 because he decided it wansn't for him and quit but he still knows all he learns. He ALWAYS gets over shined by his younger brother but yet he does so much more. Jeff was his first non brother friend and got him. After the killer of Robby's father dicived Robby into letting him kill him he isn't ever going to fully trust again. Robby's dad comes in his dreams a lot. Robby tells him the latest news on earth and his dad tells him the latest news in ghost world. (MORE INFO COMING SOON)