Rob Ber
Rob ber
Rob Ber By UltimateMogwai (tbc).
Full Name Rob Ber
Current Age 29
Date of Birth February 15, 1983
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Location VineVille
Current Status Alive
Class Burglar
Main Weapon(s) His Fists, Net
Ability/ies Nimble, Agile, Speedy, Camoflauging, Burglarizing
Latest Appearance Ella-Metals Racing (2019)
I am going to teach you a lesson with my net and I will show you it's better than metal! So you better run for your life!
Rob Ber, in the final mission.

Rob Ber is a villainous robber who appears in the Ella-Metals series. He is Ella-Metals' first ever villain.


Rob is a sly, quiet, and acts nice to trick others into believing that he is innocent, and a false seems of security and trust.


Rob Ber was let down by society as a child, leaving him self-obsessed and greedy as he was left with so little and was treated unfair.

Job History

Unlike his money-hating partner who does it for the thrill, loves to steal money. Their stealing days are over when Ella Metals, Andy Pasta and Lexi Lexan suspect the duo. In Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack he makes a cameo in the factory along with his partner, on lunch break, they give the group a mission to fix the vending machine, and that's when they start to get suspicious, the group blame them for Lexi's disappearance. He again cameo's in Ella-Metals 3, in the side mission Turning Over A New Leaf.


Rob Ber has straight, black hair and brown eyes, pale skin and a black wooly hat and black shirt and trousers, and black, pointy shoes.

For the majority Ella 2, he is in a Raven Industries uniform, until he is imprisoned in his orange prison uniform.

His build is tall and reletivaley skinny, which makes him nimble and agile; perfect for a burglar.


Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!

Rob Ber is the main villain of the game, conductor of the stealing plans. He is fought at the end of the game and then Ella has to run away from him and fight across VineVille in a final battle.

Bella Petals

Rob Ber is still the villain in Bella Petals, Sorastitch (tbc)'s parody of the Ella-Metals series but he is known as Rob Bear. He dies as soon as he appears.


  • His name is based off the word 'robber', with a space.