Trust Me, Trixie. We will have to find a way to Sharpbeak and his minions as we can.
Animal Babies 2, Where they find Sharpbeak's footprints

Roary is the main character in the Animal Babies Video Game Series.
Roary The Tiger
Full Name Roary The Tiger
Current Age 3
Gender Male
Location Critter Town
Current Status Alive
Class Explorer
Family and Relations
Mrs. Tiger (Mother)
Ability/ies Goes On an Adventure with his friends or tackling enemies.
His Friends
First Appearance Animal Babies


Roary along with 13 animals are taken to Critter Town to be adopted by other animals. Splitluck the Stork takes 14 in his beak until a very evil vulture named Sharpbeak. He pecked Splitluck and dropped all 14 bundles into random worlds. He landed in a island called Flowery Island.

Animal Babies

He and the 13 animals are born and are taken to random worlds. He was woken up in an island that he didn't belong.

Animal Babies 2: The Return of Sharpbeak

Roary along with the 13 babies made a return to the game. When the other babies got trapped by the evil Sharplings, He, Trixie, Misty and Legend escaped the attack and find their friends before they turn mutant.


"Roar! I'm going to be strong like my dad!" - Roary mentioning about his dad, Roary's Father.