Road to Moscow?
Previous level Welcome to Russia?
Next level Meanwhile...?
Game Flame in the Dark 4
Character Ceallachán Mackay
Team Tartan Army (Celtic Military)
Place St. Petersburg, Russia
Objective Continue the assault in Russia
Enemies Russian Communists

Road to Moscow? is the fifth level in Flame in the Dark 4, and is the third level in Act I. The playable character in this level is Ceallachán Mackay. The level begins as the Tartan Army have been forced north from Smolensk. The Tartan Army split up to attack the city from different angles.


You start this level in south St. Petersburg. Your objective is to advance up into the centre of the city and meet up with the other Celtic soldiers and the Russian Loyalists. You travel with Clyde, Tom Richmond and Banana Jr. through St. Petersburg. Upon the levels completion, St. Petersburg will be in the control of the Russian Loyalists.

Intel Items


See: Road to Moscow?/Transcript

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