Road Trip Adventure is a 2D Animated Movie based in a world of cars about a certain car competing in races to become the next president. This film was released in Christmas 2017 in 2D, IMAX, 4DX and Large Format Screens.

Road Trip Adventure
Road Trip Adventure
Director Thektdude
Producer(s) BRVR
Studio(s) Universal Pictures

TE Studios


Writer(s) Thektdude
Type 2D Animated Movie
Genre(s) Racing, Adventure, Sport






Theatrical Release Date(s)
GB Flag December 8th 2017

Japan Flag December 15th 2017

Australia Flag December 18th 2017

US Flag December 22nd 2017

Flag of European Union December 24th 2017

December 29th 2017 (Worldwide)

Age Rating(s)


Original Language English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese
Runtime 143 Minutes
Series ChoroQ

Opening Sequence

Universal Pictures, TE Studios, Takara.


The Current President is becoming tired of who he is, so he talks about how he will hold up a world grand prix and whoever wins that, gets to challenge him to become the next president.

The next day, Q's Factory Truck tells Mark about The current president quitting his job and letting someone takes his place by competing in a world grand Prix and the winner gets to race the president to win so that he or she becomes the next president.

Mark then begins to practice driving around and racing against others until he was ready for his first race. He does his first race on Peach Raceway, and finishes in 3rd. He wins some money and goes and uses it to upgrade himself by adding a better engine and better tires. Then he goes back to the Q Factory and the truck tells him the next race is in another town, and the truck gives him directions to it. Mark Thanks him and leaves the factory and drives out of town, towards the next city.

Mark arrives at Fuji City, and arrives at another Q Factory and sees the truck doing some work and asks Mark if he can go get supplies from the parts shop, which is in the city centre so Mark goes out and gets the supplies the Q Truck needs. Mark decides to explore the town for a bit and meets some people and then goes up a hill and sees a bus sitting by a crate. Mark goes up to ask what he's doing, but gets told to get away and don't come back here, so he drives off getting it out of his mind. He comes back with the supplies, and the Q Truck fixes him up with a better engine and steering, for the next race that is about to begin soon.

After finishing a race, he hears his name getting called out before hes about to go. He turns and sees another car driving to him. The car introduces himself as "Cobran" and asks why he likes to race and Mark says that he enjoys it and he wants to know what it feels like to be a president. Cobran then explains why he wanted to take part and says that he likes to entertain people and be a helpful person, and also wants to make a nice place that kids can go to like a park. Then Cobran says that the next races can have teammates, because it was preperation for the World Grand Prix which said you needed two teammates so he asks Mark if he wanted to be his teammate and Mark replies, "Sure." He says to Mark that hes got to go, but he would see him at the next race.

Mark went back to the Q Factory and said that he was going to head on to the next city and that he would see the truck there. He drives out of Fuji City and drives onto the highway at night. As he is driving, he looks at the stars and notices how beautiful they are. He then realises hes getting too tired and begins to drive to the left and right and then notices a sign saying, "My City" with an arrow and with a road going down left. He turns off the highway into My City. 

He drives into the entrance of My City and sees a building in front of him and enters the building. A car is sitting behind a desk and sees Mark coming in. He then says, "Hi Sir, how can I help you?" Mark replies, "Hi, I need somewhere to stay for the night, is there a garage or room I can stay in for the night?" The car looks at him and goes "Yes, but it may cost you, but I have an offer to make. As you see, this place you arrived to, is basically empty and no one really wants to live here anymore since theres not much to go to anymore. I can give you this garage for free, but I will put you in control of this city and make it a better place because I am just sick of living here its like a ghost town for most of the time." Mark thinks for a few seconds and says, "I'll fix your city." The Car then looks up and says, "Thank you so much pal, whats your name by the way?" Mark introduces himself and says goodbye to the car and goes to the garage and has some sleep.

Mark wakes up the next day, and goes to the Q Factory from across the road and gets ready to go to the next city.


  • Thektdude - Mark
  • BRVR - Q Factory Truck
  • RTA Fan - Mond
  • KinglerMaster - Cobran
  • TheNintendoKing - Ryoji


Name Picture Description
Mark Mark RTA The main character in the film that loves to race and dreams of winning the world grand prix to become the next president, and gets entered in the world of racing with other cars.
Cobran 130px A teammate of Mark's who wants to also race and have friends, but also has inspirations to make a park for kids to play in.
Mond 130px Mark's other teammate and friend who helps him win the races by also taking part in racing.
Ryoji 130px TBA.
Q Factory Truck Q Factory Truck RTA Also Known as Gonzo, He is Mark's old friend who helps him win the races to get into the world grand prix and is also smart about what Mark should use like engine wise, etc.

Progess of the Film

  • It was annouced two weeks after Road Trip Adventure 2 was Released for the PS4.
  • The Film started work a week before the reveal, along with ktdude & BRVR confirmed to be in the film.
  • On December 12th 2015, A Teaser was released.
  • Ktdude and RTA Fan were interviewed on January 3rd 2016 and confirmed that the movie will be in 2D Animation, almost like Anime.
  • Ktdude began working on this film, before he worked on his first official film, Childhood Adventure.
  • On June 18th 2016, a second Teaser was released, along with an IMAX Version releasing.
  • On Kingler's Twitter 4 months after, he confirmed that the movie will come out in late 2017.
  • April 11th 2017, ktdude announced on Twitter that the Final Trailer will release very soon.
  • On July 4th, A Final Trailer was released, along with a 4DX Release as well.
  • Tickets on November 20th became available at Every Cineworld and Vue and the Fantendo Cinema, including 2D, IMAX and 4DX Tickets.

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