Road Rat
Road Rat
Oswald nervously hesitating to drive down Death Road with all the other bikers encouraging him.
TV Series Skip and Sqak XD
Season Number 1
Episode Number 12
Writer(s) Namsean1998
Airing Date(s)
Saturday November 16, 2013
Runtime 30 Minutes
Preceding Episode To Love A Frog
Following Episode Redbot Wars
Road Rat is the 12th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It first aired on November 16, 2013. The story involves SSFF, WASP and BRUTISH meeting a gang of bikers who accept Oswald into their group, now Oswald either has to stay with the bikers or SSFF.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • Desert Bikers
  • Hector (Main Antagonist)
  • Becky
  • Queen Kaida
  • Captain Salt


In Galaxian High, Captain Salt gives the class an assignment to study on small planets that are close to the ship for the weekend. SSFF, WASP, and BRUTISH are all assigned to study on Planet Dune, an entire planet made of sand. The 3 teams decide to pack up before they take off, SSFF pack the umbrella's, WASP cooks up veggie soup to eat and BRUTISH is driving them all off. Once on the planet, the teams decide to do more exploring since all they can find is just sand. SSFF and WASP go explore while Sparky and BRUTISH set up their camp site. The two teams get hot from the extreme heat, so they decide to rest behind a big sand dune. Stingo decides to climb up top to see if there is any water around, and shouts "OH YEAH BABY!!!!" on top of the dune. Everyone excitely races to the top of the dune but are dissapointed that there is no water, just a motor bike parked in the middle of nowhere.

Stingo races down to ride the bike but Skip beats him to it and sits on the seat only to anger a large tough biker who wants to "use Skip's tongue as a straw" for his drink. When Sqak threatens to beat up the biker, he begins to weep and everyone angrily forces Sqak to apolagize to him. The biker gets on the bike to leave but it breaks down, and Oswald tries to repair the engine only to start the motor and the bike drives off with Oswald grabbing the handles. After dodging alot of obstacles in his way, Oswald manages to stop the bike but the whole incident amazes the biker who sees Oswald as a "Biker Legend" and takes him and the teams down to his biker gang's hide out which is a big building of scrap junk. SSFF and WASP meet the leader of the sand bikers, Hector, who explains that he and the bikers are all castaways and Oswald might be the "chosen one" that is capable of getting passed the deadly Death Road path alive and send an SOS to a rescue team. Robin prefers for all the bikers to leave on their ship but Hector states that Planet Dune's sand storms will destroy any ship in seconds. Knowing Sparky and BRUTISH are back at their ship, SSFF and WASP dash back only to find their friends gone and ship wrecked in pieces. Assuming BRUTISH and Sparky all perished in the sand storm, the teams sulk back to Hector's hideout in sadness. Desperate to get off the planet, SSFF decide to let their "chosen" friend Oswald send the SOS through Death Road.

Hector also drinks up all of WASP's soup much to Samantis's outrage. When she tries to hit Hector for being so rude at her, he literally bounces her back due to his strong muscles. During his training, Oswald is told by Hector that in order to start the ride down Death Road he has to say leave SSFF forever which worries Oswald. After telling this to his friends, Oswald finally decides to ride down Death Road and leave SSFF, much to their sadness. As he prepares to ride down Death Road and send the SOS, Oswald hesitates in fear. Meanwhile, WASP and SSFF found out Sparky and BRUTISH are all alive and are locked in cages. Sparky reveals that they were captured by the sand bikers who are actually cannibals who trick any visitors on Dune, wreck their ships behind their backs and eat the "chosen one"s dead bodies down in Death Road. Realizing about the sand biker's true plans, the three teams dash off to stop Oswald from his doom but they were too late as Oswald's bike dashes down Death Road full of prickly thorns, lava pools and bumpy rocks. The bike suddenly explodes and sinks in a pool of lava, and Skip, Tubby, Imp, Croco, Stingo, Blinky and Cynder all wept for their mouse friend... but it turns out Oswald actually didn't ride down, only the bike did, because he was too afraid to ride down Death Road. When the gang told Oswald about the sand biker's scam, Hector angrily sends his goons to attack them which results a battle between the teams and bikers.

The battle was short lived when Kaida and Becky parked their ship on the planet because Sparky send them a message earlier. Becky swings a punch on Hector, sending him flying in the air and crashing into his hideout which collapses and the entire hideout (with Hector inside) gets burried by falling sand, leaving the rest of the bikers shocked in fear. Becky and Kaida take the teams to a more safer place on Dune to finish their assignment, with Oswald happily wearing his new biker helmet saying "On the bright side, I got a new hat!".

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