Road Atlantis is a the first game in the Atlantis series. The games protagonist is Sally, a sailfish who wants to find Atlantis thus escaping out the zoo.


Sally is a lonely sailfish who wants to escape out of the zoo to find Atlantis. The pesky Ethan wants to stop her, so he takes the role of anatogist, together with Jade, a piranha who hates Sally. more coming


Sally needs water to survive, so she must open pipes and hit switches to let the water flow continuously. The water can only stay at one spot, and Sally also needs food and most food is on hard to reach places. This allows smart water, and later, wind conducting to pass the levels. If Sally wants to hunt on a prey, a real time action battle occurs, making this an RPG.



Sally is the swordfish who wants to reach Atlantis. She is a real comrade, but has no real friends in the zoo.


Frogy is the self-proclaimed 'best singer of the forest'. He does not have any friends because he is so bossy.


Ping is the nerd of the pinguin-clan. He joined Sally because the penguin clan does not like him.


Ethan is the boyfriend of Sally. He does not want that Sally finds Atlantis.


Jade is the main anatogist of the game. She is the most bossy piranha Sally ever met and travels after Sally to kill her.



Sally uses her big swordlike nose to slash pipes, switches and doors.


Sally jumps to reach food or kill enemies.


Sally digs to find more water.


Sally can smell food very well.

Power-Ups and Objects


A Tiki dances the rain dance, so Sally's Water Reservoir rises.


A metalbeak to power-up all of Sally's moves.

Rotten Fish

The Rotten Fish poisons the water reservoir, killing all enemies swimming in.

Broken Pipe

Can be used to look around and letting flow water to other places.

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