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The outlaw gang
Full Name Roach
Gender Male
Species Cockroaches
Location Trash Tooth
Current Status Active
Class Enemies
Minions of:
Tankroach (Deceased)
Psyroach (Deceased)
Bossroach (Deceased)
Ability/ies Punching
First Appearance Tak-Zac Bug World (2013)
Roaches are the first Cockroach enemies in Tak-Zac Bug World. They are criminal cockroaches who all talk in southern accents, and they are led by their 3 bosses Tankroach, Psyroach and Bossroach to assist Tarko and his Tarantula Tribe. It was unknown what happened to the Roaches after they are left leaderless as the 3 leaders were perished by Tak.

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