Ritvert Seaside
Ritvert's artwork in Teardrop Stratosball.
Full Name Ritvert Seaside
Current Age 19
Date of Birth October 24, 7246
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Location Atlantica
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Knights of Atlantica
Main Weapon(s) Breath Sword
Vulnerable To Dry weather, fire.
First Appearance Teardrop: Forgotten Desire
Latest Appearance Teardrop: Hydro Journey

Ritvert Seaside is a main character in the Teardrop series and the main protagonist for 3 games. He the son of Teardrop Seaside and Elfain Seaside. Ritvert Seaside is as much of a bookworm as his father: however, he isn't as skilled with magic, prefering to practice with his sword, and cannot control very well his morphing powers.




Ritvert Seaside is as much of a studious bookworm as his father. However, he's quite more impulsive, sometimes doing things straight without thinking before, and less calm. Somewhat hyperactive and fun-loving, Ritvert is courageous and caring.

However, he is sometimes just seen as his father's shadow, everyone expecting him to become a hero when he grows up. Ritvert sometimes loses his self-confidence, trying to be like his father, but is recently learning to believe more in himself and embrace who he really is.



Athene Metals

The two met in Atlantica and were close friends for most of their life before starting a relationship for Tear 5.