Developer(s) GearworksLogo/Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) HybridDeltaLogo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan July 21st 2012

25px-Flag of USA July 28st 2012

25px-Flag of Europe July 28st 2012

25px-Flag of Australia August 1st 2012

Campaign, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Media Included VaporSteamLogo

Rising is a First-Person Shooter game created by Gearworks Gaming. The plot revolves around a dystopian future, where the world is ruled by one party through military power and influence and the events that occur months later.

The game was later picked up by Pyro Enterprises post-cancellation, and was reworked to include many new elements.


The year of 2015 marked an event that would change the course of history throughout the world for generations, the proposal of the Halicom Party. The Halicom Party would be a single party, which would be the epicenter of world power because of the fact that the Halicom Party would make descisions which could change entire countries. The proposal was put forward, and thus a meeting took place in order to decide weather the Halicom Party should be made. The proposal was approved in the meeting, and by 2017, the Halicom Party was formed.

By the year 2022, poverty struck citizens because of Halicom, the conditions of cities in the outer borders of the Halicom Party territory are devistated by economic damage and limited freedom. Because of this, fights occour between Halicom Soldiers and Citizens, riots are almost weekly in each city. The Halicom Party responds with giving severe consequences to those who do so, including inprisonment, torture and even death should a Citizen attend a riot or fight with a Halicom Soldier.

Months later, a citizen (Who serves as a player) attempted to attack a Halicom Field Agent for observing every move this one citizen did, calling it an invasion of privacy and thus the citizen was arrested. In response to this, the citizens began a full-scale riot in the city, massacre occouring all around the city, both Halicom troops and Citizens dieing. Eventually, he citizen managed to break free from his cell after Citizens stormed the prison building, taking with him the pistol from one of the guards and joining the battle. Eventually, at night, the battle settled, corpses laid across the pavement of both Halicom and Civilians. Several survivors remain, but attempt to avoid any contact to save their breath. Eventually, news spreads about the town's advisor Bai Wu, is being escorted to a meeting in the capital by several Riot Troops, and thus the player is assigned to killing Bai within the five minute window provided in order to delay the meeting and to liberate the city of the Halicom Party. If the citizen hadn't got to Bai in the time he had, Bai would have escaped and the meeting will have taken place. Bai's main route is through the alleyways with Riot Troops supporting him with heavy weaponry. Eventually, the citizen finds Bai and kills both him and his troops.



In the Campaign mode, the player must complete certain objectives displayed on the HUD in order to complete the mission. The HUD also displays the gun you are currently using, the ammunition in it and the Crosshair. The menu is also accessable and will display a mini-map as well as the current objectives. Common Objectives include killing the town's overseer or infiltrating certain areas.


In the Multiplayer UI, players can select a server using the VaporSteam system. Each server has attributes such as name, map, maximum players and so forth. While playing on a server, Multiplayer is similar to single player mode, in terms of controls and similar aspects. In Multiplayer. each team must complete certain objectives and triumph over the other team. Modes which are used in Rising are listed below in the table:

Image Name Description Maps
CTF Capture the Flag A straightforward mode, the objective being to capture the enemy flag and to take it back to the main base. This mode is generally the most common along with Team Deathmatch. The winner is the team to get 3 captures first.
TeamDM Team Deathmatch Another rather straightforward mode, the objective of Team Deathmatch is to kill the other players as much as possible in order to win. The winner of Team Deathmatch is the team which either reaches the score limit or has the highest amount of points once the time ends.

(All Maps)

VIP VIP In VIP mode, one player from each team is selected to be VIP. The VIP is a lone Field Agent armed with no weaponry. The objective of VIP is to kill the opponent's VIP as much as possible to earn points. The team which have gained the highest amount of VIP kills win.

(All Maps)


A listing of all weapons available in Rising, in order of appearance:

Name Description Stats
Ruined Handgun An old model of handgun from way back when that nobody makes anymore. It seems sturdy enough, and it works with modern ammo, so it's not an overly bad option.
  • Ammo: 8 Clip/40 Total
  • Fire Rate: Mid-High
  • Range: Medium
  • Power: Medium
  • Pierce: Mid-Low
  • Effects: None


Here is a list of the enemies appearing in Rising, in order of appearance:

Name Description Weaponry
Halicom Security Guard Common Units which serve as the Halicom law-enforcement, Security Guards are mainly units which are used by the Halicom Party to keep Citizens in line and to serve as guards.
  • Primary Weapon:HCOM Handgun, HCOM Incendiary Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon:HCOM Incendiary Rifle (If equipped with the HCOM Handgun), Police Baton
Halicom Field Agent Halicom Field Agents serve as scouts within each city controlled by the Halicom Party. The Field Agents generally stay low and avoid contact, once they spot a threat, they can contact other Halicom soldiers and tell them the location of the hostile, then issue an order to take out the target. Despite these qualities, Field Agents are only armed with a handgun.
  • Primary Weapon:HCOM Handgun, Stun Gun
  • Secondary Weapon:Communication Headset