Rise of the Koopa Empire takes place in a dark future, as Mario struggles to fight against King Bowser. Some people might find some of the stuff in this story offensive, and to that I say "Don't read it if you don't like it!". If you read it even though you find it offensive in any way, please don't come back to the talk page to nag every time I release a chapter. Also, I may not make another chapter if too many people think this story is a bad idea, or think that it sucks. Anyway, please enjoy!

Prologue - The Beginning of the End

Please keep in mind that this is the first chapter, and that I've never been very good with stories or writing, so its kinda short, badly written, and cheesy. ~The Writer

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, the famous hero Mario was at the "Koopa Festival", a festival that celebrates the day that Mario killed Lord Bowser of the Koopa Clan. That day was now 15 years ago, and Mario had simply been relaxing almost the entire 15 years. Today, the Koopas live among the Toads, and other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, but always under suspicion, many companies would not except Koopas for jobs, or would not sell their products to Koopas. Koopas would never be aloud to attend Festivals such as the very one named after them, unless they where there as a Toad's servant.

When Mario arrived in the central Plaza of the castle area, he found a huge statue of Bowser Koopa being burned, which had became a tradition for the Festival. Standing in front of the statue was Queen Peach(Previously Princess Peach, until the Mushroom King died in the final battle against Bowser Koopa) giving a speech about how the Koopa Clan was wiped out, and that now the remaining Koopas serve the Toads. Suddenly, the earth began to shake, and the people began to panic, screaming "EARTHQUAKE!" or "HIDE!" all around. However, it soon died down, and everyone went back to what they where doing, when Airships started to fly above. The Airships started to bomb the area, and send down groups of Koopa Troopas who began to destory the city.

After almost 30 minutes of chaos in the city, the Mushroom Special Forces Squad(Or the M.S.F.S.) arrived in the city, and started trying to evacuate all the civilians, and take out the terrorist squads. Soon a huge Airship, more then five times the size of most of the other ones landed, crushing several buildings in the process. The M.S.F.S. approached the ship with the intention of entering it, since it appeared to be the command ship. However, they where shocked to see what came out of it... Lord Bowser of the Koopa Clan stepped out of the ship, and killed all of the M.S.F.S. members with his fire breath.

Soon the news was spread around the entire Mushroom Kingdom, that King Bowser has returned to lead the Koopa Clan to victory against the Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter 1 - Chaos Among the Mushrooms

Well, since no one really said anything at all about Chapter 1, I decided to turn it into the Prologue, and instead this is Chapter 1. :) Anyway, since I got no negative or posotive comments about the last part, I decided to go ahead with another chapter. That means now I'm officially going to do it, and you can't stop me by nagging about how much it sucks. :) Anyway, hope you enjoy! ~The Writer

A week after the event at Princess Peach's Castle, the M.S.F.S., the Mushroom Kingdom Government, and the Toadstool Royal Guard(Better known as the T.R.G.) are still trying to make sense of the attack, and Bowser Koopa's return. In an interview with the famed hero Mario, he states that it would have been impossible for Bowser to have survived, and even more impossible for him to have escaped the destroyed castle after the Magma around it had solidified.

After the event, a huge amount of crime had been popping up around the Mushroom Kingdom, almost all of it being done by Koopas, or by other species' that where once allied with the Koopa Clan. To defend against the crime waves, the Mario Bros. and the T.R.G. where sent out to patrol the Mushroom Kingdom 24/7. However, their attempts where futile in the end, as the Koopas where great in numbers, and over powerd the T.R.G. agents. Soon, the civilian population of Koopas had dropped almost 90%, but the few that where still living among the Toads that where interviewed, said that they always knew that Bowser would return, because the one Mario supposedly killed was just a fake. The real Bowser had supposedly escaped, and used the 15 years that he was supposedly dead for to gain enough power to invade the Mushroom Kingdom once more.

For the first time since King Bowser's first attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, the future of the kingdom was looking very dark, and it actually looked as if Bowser would be able to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, with the T.R.G, the M.S.F.S., AND the Mario Bros. all overpowered by the attack. It seemed that the Mushroom Kingdom's defense forces had grown much weaker, while King Bowser had been building power, and many people lost hope in the Mushroom Kingdom, and fled to other lands. Every time Bowser attacked, his forces seemed to get stronger and stronger, as the Mushroom Kingdom only got weaker and weaker. Soon plans by the Mushroom Kingdom Government to use some kind of giant and incredibly powerful suicide weapon started to be "leaked" by conspiracy theorists, who say that the Mushroom Kingdom is going to sacrifice a large amount of the kingdom to defeat King Bowser.

Not long into the chaos, it was found out that Luigi Mario, the brother and companion of the famed hero Mario had recently died during an attack by King Bowser, which brought up many debates about if the Mario Bros. are really up to the job of protecting the Mushroom Kingdom. When people went back to retrieve Luigi's body, it was never found among the wreckage of the attack. Which lead some people to believe Luigi had simply quit, and didn't want to keep defending the Mushroom Kingdom, which of course lead to more controversy.

In the Mushroom Kingdom War Council there are many meetings to debate what the Mushroom Kingdom is going to do against the Koopa Clan(Now the "Koopa Empire"). Many high ranking figures in the government say that Mario should be out of the way, and that the Mushroom Army would be able to handle it on their own without the M.S.F.S. and the T.G.R. getting in the way, while some say that Mario is the only one who can save the Mushroom Kingdom. A large amount of the commotion in the government calmed down after Queen Toadstool gave the order to use Koopa test subjects to discover a main weakness of the Koopas. However, the tests went mostly unsuccessful, and the government gave up on the test subjects, and simply dumped them in a desert area. After this, the Koopa population of the Mushroom Kingdom dropped below measurable amounts by the governments standards.

Soon, the government started a grand plan to attempt to defeat King Bowser's Army, but it would be all too soon that information about it was leaked, and ended up in the wrong hands...

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