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Rise of Tuck Chesta

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After finding out about Spergassa, Tuck Chesta is obsessed with him. Tuck kidnapps his main suspects of who Spergassa is, to find out who it is.


Sign up your characters in the comments! Doesn't matter where they live, because Tuck will go to extreme lengths to find it out!

Image Name Suspection
John mogwai 3d attempt John Mogwai Power of flight.
Frazza 3d Frazza Never seen around Spergassa.
EllaTuckChesta Ella Metals Super-human strength.
UntenTuckChesta Unten Strength.
TeardropTuckChesta Teardrop Teardrop is able to shapeshift.


  • This is the first John Mogwai game featuring 3D environments.

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