Rise Of The Planet Of The Squids is a movie based on Splatoon and Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. It will be released in 2016.



Mindy was looking on the window when suddenly, many squids take over Manhattan. Mindy called Bryan to ask for help, Bryan later took Mindy to his laboratory. The squids injected human DNA and became Inklings. Everybody in Manhattan ran away. CNN news said that this event is called an Inkvasion. Later this evening, Mindy went to McDonald's and found that Callie is the manager. Mindy later went to Burger King and found that Marie is the manager. Mindy and Bryan went to a 5 star diner and they ate normally. The two figured out a way to devolve the squids by shooting them. All the squids devolved expect Squidward, the king of squids. Mindy captured Squidward and sent him to Bikini Bottom. The next day, the news called Mindy and Bryan heroes.


  • Amy Phoehler as Mindy
  • Bill Hader as Bryan
  • TBA as Inklings
  • TBA as Squidward


  • This movie will be accompanied with an extended version of You're a kid You're a squid as an short.
  • This movie will contain some of the cast from Inside Out.

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