Ripper August
Ripper's mugshot from Hope Without A Cause
Full Name Gretchen "Ripper" August
Current Age 58
Gender Female
Species Human
Ripper August is one of the playable characters from Hope Without A Cause. A former serial killer, Ripper is the most hated in the prison, but also the one everybody fears. It's a surprise she hasn't been killed by any other inmates yet, although it won't be long before one kills her, or she kills one back. How long will Ripper be able to survive in the prison?


Ripper has been a longstanding serial killer who has done her killings in very intricate ways. She formerly lived in London before moving to the USA to escape capture by the police. Unfortunately for Ripper, Police were waiting at the airport for her arrival to lock her up.

Due to a misprint in her prosecution papers, Ripper ended up in a low-security prison when she should've been in solitary confinement. She is secretly doing dirty work for the warden which keeps her in the low-security prison.

Ripper has been at the prison the longest out of all the inmates currently. Sentenced for life, Ripper menacingly wanders the halls of Morlano by herself without any friends. She is feared by everyone in the prison, but at the same time everyone downright hates her.

Recently a bet to kill Ripper has resurfaced within the prison and has become quite the talk of Morlano. Ripper keeps a keen eye on everyone during these times, however eventually Yolanda Moretza succeeds in killing Ripper.

Physical Description

Ripper is white and has short purple hair. Her hair is quite coarse due to the purple dye she puts through it often. She uses make-up to make her face paler and uses black lipstick.

Ripper is quite obese and fairly short when compared to the other inmates in Morlano Prison. She if only ever seen in the typical prison clothing.

Game Appearances

  • Hope Without A Cause: Ripper is serving a life sentence for her serial killings. In prison she has no friends and is the most hated and most feared inmate. All the inmates are in on a bet to kill her.

Relationships with other characters

Yolanda Moretza

Yolanda is the one who kills Ripper in the end and wins the bet. During the struggle, Yolanda is badly injured by Ripper but not completely killed.