Ripley Monash
Ripley's mugshot from Hope Without A Cause
Full Name Ripley John Monash
Current Age 35
Gender Male
Species Human
Ripley Monash is one of the playable characters in Hope Without A Cause, and the only character playable that isn't an inmate of Morlano Prison, but instead a guard at the prison.

A former war soldier, he suffers from PTSD which makes him rather lenient with the inmates and a pushover to the other officers. His minds seems to be rather unstable which is why he sleeps at the penitentiary. He acts more like an inmate, interacting and hanging out with them rather then watching from the door.


Ripley as a guard is supposed to watch the inmates from afar, but he often breaks this rule by interacting and hanging out with the inmates. He was a former war soldier who is currently suffering from PTSD

Ripley goes about his days as a usual guard doing the daily grind and jumping in a bit on the inmate games. One night Ripley catches Jai Apalo in the woman's quarters instead of the men's and has to get tough on Jai, although he still is relatively soft.

The next day Ripley catches Tahilla Herd in his office snooping around in a filing cabinet, however instead of immediately sending her to solitary confinement, the two become friends and work together. Tahilla is investigating corruption in the prison system, and Ripley uses Tahilla as his therapist.

Due to her limited access, Tahilla asks Ripley to snoop around areas she can't get too, and he agrees and begins to snoop around a bit. However the warden, Perry, becomes quickly wary of a snitch being amongst her, and Ripley's snooping days are immediately over.

The two remain close though, eventually discovering that Perry has been taking prison funding for herself, and having romantic relations with anyone who is suspicious.

Ripley and Tahilla get ripped from each other however, when the warden begins a crackdown after learning that a drug trade is going on within the prison, and all guards must be on high alert. They begin searching the prison for how drugs are getting in and who's distributing the drugs, eventually coming down to Tristan Galahgez and his gang. Everyone in the gang is transferred to a maximum security prison, except for one, Fenti Nuuta since Perry is having intimate relations with him.

After the crackdown, Ripley heads to Perry's office to interrogate her about the information he and Tahilla found out about, and he walks in on Tahilla with a gun to her head. Ripley tells Perry to put the gun down. She does and Tahilla alerts the International Prison Task Force to take Perry away.

Physical Description

Ripley has very messy black hair and white skin. Unlike the rest of the playable characters, he wears a blue button shirt as part of his guard uniform.

Ripley is of average height, and is the most mucular out of all the playable characters, due to his past soldier experiences.

Game Appearances

  • Hope Without A Cause: Ripley works as a guard at Morlano Prison, going about most days normal at his job, until he works with Tahilla to take down the warden.

Relationships with other characters

Tahilla Herd

Tahilla and Ripley become close friends when they both work together to snoop into the warden, Perry, and her corrupt ways. Ripley saves Tahilla's life which only makes the two closer.

Tristan Galahgez

Tristan hates Ripley after Ripley catches out Tristan as being the leader of the contraband trade within the prison.

Jai Apalo

Jai likes Ripley after he let him off on a warning when Jai was in the wrong quarters of the prison. Jai is thankful for Ripley being nice when all the other guards would've been harsh.


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