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Riolu (Lucario series)
Riolu's art in Lucario and the Five Thieves
Full Name Riolu
Current Age 12 (as of LATFT)
Gender Male
Location Aurea Town
Current Status Alive
Class Aura
Main Weapon(s) Aura, Combat
Ability/ies Aura, Tactics
First Appearance Lucario and the Five Thieves
Latest Appearance Lucario and the Golden Hand
Family and Relations
Lucario - Brother
Oh, barf.
Whenever around Hawla and Servine in Golden Hand

This is for the character in the Lucario series. For the character in normal context, see Riolu.

Riolu is the younger brother of Lucario and a main character in the Lucario series. He, like his brother, inherited the Aura power, and can use it only when he absolutely needs to. He starts to master it by the Final Chapter of Five Thieves, and is mastering training by the time Golden Hand comes.

In Games

Lucario and the Five Thieves

Riolu is introduced in Five Thieves in the introduction, when he runs to Lucario, who is training with his Aura, to tell him the ninjas are attacking Aurea Town. He is not seen again until Chapter 5. Between that, the mysterious spirit takes over the town, and starts questioning him about Lucario, rumored to be the "legendary hero", which eventually leads to him attacking him. Shortly before Chapter 5, Riolu's left arm is broken by the attacks, which Lucario notices in Chapter 5 but doesn't question. The attacks become even worse after Chapter 5.

In Chapter 4, Riolu sends a letter to Lucario via Wingull to tell him to come back to the nearly deserted Aurea Town. He explains in Chapter 5 about all that goes on, and after Lucario goes to confront it, Riolu temporarily joins the party to fill in for Lucario until the end of the chapter. He has similar powers to Lucario,but are a bit faster.

In the Final Chapter, Riolu is found (with his arm healed) in Dark Tower, where he is being attacked once more. Lucario attacks the spirit and is revealed to be Spiritomb. Riolu is sucked into the S-Dimension when Spiritomb sucks them in, and he is caged along with the other party members. After Hawla destroys the cage and the party members attack Spiritomb's barrier, Riolu finishes the shield off with a Brick Break, which knocks him unconscious. Riolu then joins the party at the Mega Spiritomb fight.

Riolu is stated to have recovered from his injuries and is starting his Aura training in the end of the story.

Lucario and the Golden Hand

Riolu will be a main character in Golden Hand. This time around, he will start out as one of the four starting characters, along with Lucario, Servine, and Hawla.

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