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Rio by toucan
Developer(s) Toucan
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Fox interactive
Platform(s) Nintendo IC
Release Date(s)
Single player


Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) 3D platforming


Media Included IC Mini-disc

Rio is a game based on the movie Rio. It will be a 3D platformer with other gameplay styles such as rhythm, racing, and puzzle solving.


The game varies from many types of gameplay styles such as platforming, beat 'em up, rhythm, puzzle solving, and racing.


  • Adventure - The main mode of the game. Go on an adventure in Rio with Blu and friends.
  • Party - Play some mini games with up to four players
  • Replay - Replay any parts of the game you've beaten.
  • Music - Listen to the game's soundtrack.



  • Control stick - Move character
  • Control pad down, left, right - Swap characters
  • B - Jump
  • Y - Attack
  • X - Rotate camera clockwise around the character
  • A- Rotate camera counterclockwise around the character
  • Control pad up - First person view
  • L - Duck
  • R - Center camera behind the character, hold the button down to keep it there
  • L+B - High jump
  • L+Y - Tail swipe


  • B - Slow swim
  • Y - Dive underwater, fast swim
  • Control stick - Change direction
  • R - Hold down to make sharper turns underwater


  • B - Fly higher
  • Y - Spin attack
  • R - Hold down to make sharper turns

Playable characters

  • Blu
  • Jewel
  • Rafael
  • Nico
  • Pedro

Party-Mode only

  • Eva
  • Nigel
  • Kipo

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