Rins is a fox that appear in the minscrome series


Rins is just a green fox whit a red jacket,blue jeans   is very similar to tails only that he have 16 years old and he dosen't knows very much about technology  also hi have turquese shoes and gloves with a gem in the middle and a hair wih 8 extremes

apperances in games

first he does his entrance in the videogame land in "rins legends"  as the main protagonist along whit blinx and his girlfriend noise on his quest of the elemental emeralds to defeat smlerter ofconquer the universe later he appears in "minscrome the new threat" that the fear force appear that the main antagonist to stole the elemental sword that make the elemental emeralds look that firecrackers and whit his friend and his girlfriend have to stop this to save all living things in the world


he is a little sarcastic and he does anithing to protect the things that he loves and he  protect the elemental emeralds of the evil forces of smelter and the fear force to  maintain the pace on this land also he likes very much te icecream and the chocolates he hate people that steal or kill people that's the reason that want to protect his world


he can use magic to damage or cure people,when rins is too sick he can't use magic to cure hiself and when the disease is too dangerous strangely he can't wake up but when he transform he have the twice of his power also he have energy rains to hit multiple enemies


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