"Your Not Worthy to battle me yet!"

Ring is a Deep Blue and Sky Blue Hedgehog that is very fast. He has a resemblence of shadow but has different colors then him. He is also known as "The Dimension Disaster "



Teleports to a nearby medical center, or to different places.

Dimensional Blade

Creates a Dimension sword and uses its dimensional power.


Ring uses his inner power to create an Explosion.

Dimensional Warp

Warps Ring to a different Dimension, but must have a Space Jewel.

Black Hole

Creates a Black Hole and sucks the enemies into it.

Role in Game

Role in Story


Ring is very overconfident and always over estimates himself, but other then that, he is very nice. He always believes in justice. He also loves to be kind to others and thinks about others. other than Blade, He is rarely being selfish and unconfident. In situations, he likes to be a little bossy and hates to listen to others.

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