Ring Ring 2
Ring Ring 2
Ring Ring 2
Item Type Ring
Kind of Item Finger
First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo

The Ring Ring 2 is an FBG. It is owned by Henry.


The Ring Ring 2 was collected by Henry. He found it in Ground Town, and got it from a Super Itemite that also had the Necklace of Propellers and Sweep Spin Kick Pants. From Ground Town on, in all Quiful to challenger battles where Henry is fought, he will sometimes use the Ring Ring 2. However, Blaze Ring, Hydro Ring, Ion Ring, and Gold Ring are the only moves he will use before his fight in Gulf Town.


The Ring Ring 1 is a blue ring with two black lines under it, indicating that it is the second of two Ring Rings. Attached to the blue ring are smaller rings, one green ring and one pink ring.


The Ring Ring 2 allows its wearer to attack by creating different kinds of rings.


Name Description Effect Damage Gift Points
Blaze Ring Henry throws a ring of fire. 15 35
Hydro Ring Henry throws a ring of water. 5 75
Ion Ring Henry throws 1-8 rings of energy. If the attack hits, and the next move the opponent uses is an attack, they take damage. 5 (each ring), 50 (each ring, secondary effect) 5
Gold Ring Henry bashes using a heavy golden ring. 25 25
Electrocution Ring Henry throws a ring of electricity. 15 35
Toxin Ring Henry throws a ring of poison. The opponent is poisoned for 2 turns. 0 10
Ghoul's Ring Henry throws a ghostly ring. The opponent is scared for 2 turns. 0 10
Peculiar Ring Henry throws an odd and colorful ring. The ring has a 33.33333% chance to paralyze for 1 turn, 33.33333% chance to decrease ATK and DEF by 5, and a 33.33333% chance to remove all handheld FBGs from everyone. 0 15

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