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Ring Chair
Ring Chair
Ring Chair
Item Type Ring Chair
Kind of Item Ring
First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo

The Ring Chair is an FBG in Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo. It is found in Ground Town.


The Ring Chair is an extremely small chair. The seat has a hole in it, allowing it to be worn as a ring.


The Ring Chair's wearer can fight using chairs.


Name Description Effect Damage Gift Points
Seat Slapper The user slaps using a seat. Any handheld FBG in the user's hand is removed. 10 50
Containment Chair The user puts the enemy into a metal chair that straps them in. The enemy is paralyzed for 5 turns. Any handheld FBGs in the user's hands are removed. 0 5
Pull Away Prank The user gives the enemy a chair, and pulls it away before they can sit on it, causing them to fall. Enemies with higher SPD are unaffected. 5 55

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