Developer(s) Rikmon Co.
Platform(s) Wii U Extra, PC
Age Rating(s)
ESRB 10 Mild Violence and Crude Humor
Genre(s) Strategy

Rikmon is a spinoff Pikmin game for the Wii U Extra and computer. It features lots of new Pikmin, but none of the previous ones return. Although, the new Pikmin are more interesting. All the Pikmin are called Rikmon. The story is that The President wants even more money and forces all his employees to come to PNF-404 with him to find treasure, Louie however does not want to go. So he sabotages the fuel tank, and they crash on a different planet, CAS-040. The ship gets damaged and its vital parts get scattered around. Olimar, Louie and The President need to repair it to go home. The Koppaites are running a bit short on food and decide to go back to the planet again. Coincidentally, their direction malfunctions and they end up flying towards CAS-040.



  • Left-click: click button, throw Rikmon, punch (no nearby Rikmon)
  • Right-click: swap Rikmon
  • WASD: move around
  • Q: put camera behind captain, target
  • E: swarm
  • R: swap captains
  • Z: dismiss Rikmon
  • Esc: pause
  • T: use upper spray
  • F: use left spray
  • H: use right spray
  • G: use bottom spray

Wii U Extra

  • A: accept, throw Rikmon, punch (no nearby Rikmon)
  • B: dismiss Rikmon
  • Left-stick: move around, switch options
  • Right-stick: swarm
  • ZL: put camera behind captain, target
  • Y: swap captains
  • Start: pause
  • D-Pad: use respective spray

To-do List

  • Rikmon pictures ☑
  • More information on enemies ☐
  • Enemy pictures
  • Areas ☐
  • Caves ☐
  • Bosses ☐

Rikmon List

Rikmon are similar to Pikmin, except they are more talented and complicated.


Description: Bubble Rikmon are the main Rikmon in the game. They are immune to any elemental bubbles, making them very useful.

Appearance: purple with one eye Damage: 12.5 (Above Average)

Speed: Average

Immunity: Bubbles

Special Ability: releasing dangerous bubbles upon death, that can harm enemies


Description: Chubby Rikmon are very big Rikmon. Because of their weight, they hurt a lot if you happen to have one land on you. They are immune to being crushed.

Appearance: big and yellow

Damage: 15 whacking (High), 40 impact (Incredible)

Speed: Slow

Immunity: Crushing

Special Ability: stuns nearby enemies when landing and can life twice as strong as normal Rikmon


Description: Monster Rikmon are small and so they are fast. They are immune have a loud roar they yell when in danger and they are very brave.

Appearance: small, blue, has 4 arms and red compound eyes

Damage: 8 (Below Average)

Speed: Fast

Immunity: Fear Gas

Special Ability: stunning enemies with its scary roar


Description: Acidic Rikmon always leave a trail of weak acid around them. Other Rikmon don't seem to react to this despite acid being bad for them. Enemies however, take small damage when walking on it.

Appearance: pastel green with hair

Damage: 10 whacking (Average), 3 acid (Tiny)

Speed: Average

Immunity: Acid

Special Ability: leaves a damaging trail of acid that Rikmon are immune to


Description: Sword Rikmon carry swords and because of this, they do a lot of damage. They have no immunity though.

Appearance: pink with a link hat and a sword

Damage: 18 whacking (High), 40 impact (Incredible)

Speed: Average

Immunity: None

Special Ability: can cut through leaves and cobwebs and cause an after-damage effect on enemies hit directly


Description: Fireball Rikmon are very cool. They can shoot fireballs from their mouth!

Appearance: looks like an orange Purple Pikmin

Damage: 12.5 (Above Average), 25 fireball (Very High), 20 flame trap (High)

Speed: Below Average

Immunity: Fire

Special Ability: shoot fireballs at enemies and also creates a flame trap when landing, like Fiery Dweevils


Description: Ninja Rikmon wear a black mask and cannot be found by most enemies unless they attack them.

Appearance: red pikmin wearing black robes and a black mask, only revealing the eyes

Damage: 15 whacking (High), 20 smoke bomb (High)

Speed: Below Average

Immunity: Shadow Gas

Special Ability: enemies will not attack them and they can use smoke bombs to teleport out of danger


Description: Punch Rikmon have giant fists and so they can break the strongest of rocks.

Appearance: browny-greyish with big hands and yellow compound eyes

Damage: 12.5 whacking (Above Average), 20 power punch (High), 30 impact (Very High)

Speed: Above Slow

Immunity: Rock Gas

Special Ability: punches things for higher range and can smash Big Rocks


Description: Heavy Rikmon can carry the heaviest objects, 10 times stronger than normal Rikmon.

Appearance: looks a bit like a greenish Rock Pikmin with more polygons

Damage: 15 whacking (High), 30 (impact)

Speed: Below Slow

Immunity: Pressure Gas

Special Ability: can carry 10 times the weight of normal Rikmon


Description: Metal Rikmon conduct electricity and they don't seem to taste nice.

Appearance: looks like a grey White Pikmin

Damage: 12.5 whacking (Above Average), 30 shock trap (Very High), 200 shock eat (Incredible)

Speed: Slow

Immunity: Electricity

Special Ability: conducts electricity, creates a shock trap and shocks enemies that eat it


Description: This Rikmon can swim underwater!

Appearance: looks like a teal Bubble Rikmon with goggles

Damage: 10 whacking (Average), 30 water drill (Very High)

Speed: Average

Immunity: Drowning

Special Ability: can swim in water, rescues drowning Rikmon and drills into enemies while underwater


Description: Ultra Rikmon are the ultimate Rikmon: immunity to all elements!</p>

Appearance: looks like a golden Yellow Pikmin with a mouth

Damage: 17.5 whacking (High), 50 golden inferno (Incredible)

Speed: Above Average

Immunity: All elements

Special Ability: when they land they have a chance to create a golden explosion that lingers for a moment


Hazards can hurt Rikmon if they aren't immune to it. Here is a list of Hazards


Bubbles are floating objects that can be popped if the Rikmon used is immune. If a Rikmon touches it and they are not immune, they will be hurt in some way. If they are immune, they will pop it. Bubble Rikmon and Ultra Rikmon are immune to all bubbles. There are a few types of Bubbles.

Fire Bubble

A Bubble that is on fire. If the Rikmon is not immune, they will be set on fire. Can be popped by Fireball Rikmon.

Acid Bubble

A Bubble that is dripping with acid. If the Rikmon is not immune, they will be corroded. Can be popped by Acidic Rikmon.

Fear Bubble

A Bubble full of fear. If the Rikmon is not immune, they will run around and won't listen to orders for a while, potentially causing them to run into other hazards. Can be popped by Monster Rikmon.

Shocking Bubble

A Bubble with electricity running through and around it. Probably the most dangerous and ranged bubble. If the Rikmon is not immune, they will be shocked on the ground and will die unless whistled to safety. They can be popped by  Silver Rikmon.


Enemies are living creatures that will try to eat Rikmon or use hazards to stop them.

Red Bulborb

Red Bulborb's are the mascot enemy of the Pikmin Series. Their eyes take the most damage, so aim for them.

Sun Bulborb

Sun Bulborb's first appear in Rikmon, and can be seen on the NTSC boxart. It is a more pinkish Red Bulborb. It's special ability is spitting fire puddles and also walks pretty fast.

Scary Bulborb

Scary Bulborbs first appear in Rikmon, and can also be seen on the NTSC boxart. It is a desaturated yellowish Red Bulborb. It's special ability is a roar which scares Rikmon. It also is the most active Bulborb, and can be awoken from very far distances or quiet noises.</span>

Yellow Bulborb

Yellow Bulborb's first appear in Rikmon. They have a yellow back with green spots. They eat Rikmon by sticking their tongue out and rolling it around to catch them, similar to Emperor Bulblax. Everything else is identical to a Red Bulborb.

Jelly Blowhog

Jelly Blowhogs first appear in Rikmon, and can be seen on the NTSC boxart. It is a blowhog with yellow eyes and a yellow snout. It's shoots out jelly which severly slows down Rikmon, and tries to suck them up. Rikmon do not die instantly, and will be slowly digested in his belly, similar to Jellyfloats. It is the only Blowhog that can kill Rikmon without elemental hazards.


Horrorhogs are grey blowhogs with black eyes and snouts. They shoot lingering Fear Gas at Rikmon and they can summon enemies like Dwarf Megborbs. They are very hard enemies due to their high health and the dangerous enemies they spawn and the fact they scare Rikmon.

Dwarf Megborb

Dwarf Megborbs are bigger than Dwarf Red Bulborbs but are smaller than a Red Bulborb. They are the baby Megborbs. They are slow but can eat a lot of Rikmon quickly. They look like a small Purple Megborb.

Orange Megborb

Orange Megborbs are much bigger than Red Bulborbs. They are the smallest adult Megborb, however does not make them the most dangerous. Because of their size, they have decent speed, the one thing other Megborbs lack.

Green Megborb

Green Megborbs are a bit bigger than an Orange Megborb. They are pretty slow, but can eat a devastating amount of Rikmon at once. They are more active than the other Megborbs, so try to get as far away. Fortunately, they give up easily, and so if your Rikmon are fast enough, you can run away from them.

Purple Megborb

Purple Megborbs are bigger than an Green Megborb. They are the biggest Megborb. They are very slow, and to make up for this they can use their tongue to grab Rikmon further away than its mouth can reach. They are the least active Megborb so they are not usually a problem.

Dwarf Kingborb

Dwarf Kingborbs are the same size as a Dwarf Red Bulborb, but they have a special attack: a jump. The jump can't flatten Rikmon, but it will knock them over, giving the Kingborb a chance to eat them. Oddly enough, the adult version never appears. Lord Kingborb appears to be an adult, but shrinks down to a Dwarf Kingborb when defeated, which implies he was never an adult.

Lemon Doppelganger

This thing looked like a treasure but when I got close it grew legs and arms! I'm never eating lemons again.
Olimar's Notes

Even though they are not Citrus, they taste very similar to lemons. They're slightly more sour though, so be careful!
Louie's Notes

I saw a lemon and decided I would have a snack. I decided not to eat the lemon when it started walking around.
Alph's Notes

Lemon Doppelgangers appear to be a lemon treasure, but when approached, they will get up and reveal their limbs. They will run around and eat Rikmon quickly.

Baby Baguette Bug

Baby Baguette Bugs are small Baguette Bugs. They can eat two Rikmon at once, and digest pretty quickly.


Bosses are enemies that are big and strong. They are more dangerous than normal enemies.

Lord Kingborb

This thing has to be the biggest grub-dog I've ever seen! Except, upon further inspection, it is not a grub-dog but rather a Kingborb. I shall call it "Lord Kingborb" because it was wearing a crown.
Olimar's Notes

When I saw this I knew it was going to be a delicious meal for the whole of Hocotate, but when it was weakened down it was reduced to a tiny little enemy! It still tasted good nonetheless.
Louie's Notes

My jaw dropped when I saw this. I wondered how on Koppai I was going to beat this. I really overestimated him, and I was able to beat him with my trusty Rikmon.
Alph's Notes

Lord Kingborb is the largest Grub-dog style enemy in the game. The boss attacks by jumping high up and crashing down, and then eating Rikmon. When enraged, he blows bubbles of a random element. It is recommended you fight his first phase with Chubby Rikmon and his second phase with Bubble Rikmon. When defeated, he shrinks down to a Dwarf Kingborb, and his big crown falls down. Then, like all bosses, Ship absorbs him. His King Crown is made into the Metal Suit Z, which triples your health.

Titan Wraith

This strange creature looks like a Waterwraith, but it isn't invincible. It can also conjure elemental blobs, which doesn't remind me of anything.
Olimar's Notes

I don't know what this thing actually tastes like because it leaves nothing, but its blobs taste pretty good in soup.
Louie's Notes

This thing creeps me out. It's like a ghost! The way it can shoot blobs reminds me of a past enemy.
Alph's Notes

The Titan Wraith is a big ghost-like entity. He appears on all the sublevels before the boss if you aren't quick enough, very similar to the Titan Wraith. He isn't as dangerous though, because he only flies around and absorbs Rikmon. They die about half a minute after being absorbed, but if you enter the next sublevel within this time they will live. It is possible to kill him on all sublevels, but on the ones before the bosses, he will not actually die and will simply explode into blobs. He won't annoy you for the rest of the sublevel though. His boss fight is pretty different to how he attacks on previous sublevels. He shoots elemental blobs, similar to the Plasm Wraith. When he is enraged, he will shoot Bomb Rocks and cause rocks to fall from the sky. When he is defeated, he drops the Polished Broom, which can be used to make the Clean Whistle, which makes your whistle louder and therefore increases its range.

Baguette Bug

I was amazed to see a baguette walking. Instead of me eating the baguette, the baguette wanted to eat the Rikmon.
Olimar's Notes

Chop it up into slices to fully enjoy. Serve with garlic.
Louie's Notes

On CAS-040, anything is possible. Including walking ravenous loaves of bread.
Alph's Notes

The Baguette Bug is a big baguette with eyes. The boss attacks by rolling around and eating Rikmon. He will also spawn Baby Baguette Bugs, which can be pretty dangerous. When the boss is enraged, he will cause Loaf Rocks to fall from the sky. These explode into a bunch of Baby Baguette Bugs and can squash Rikmon when landing. He drops Love Cake.


This game has 8 main characters and other characters are mixed to make new characters.

Character Mix Chart

Olimar Louie The President



Charlie Dan Enigma
Olimar N/A Oluie Olident Olimph Olittany Olilie Olidan Oligma
Louie Louimar N/A Louident Louiph Louany Loulie Louan Louigma
The President Presimar Presouie N/A Presiph Presany Presilie Presian Presigma
Alph Almar Alouie Aldent N/A Altany Allie Alan Algma
Brittany Brittmar Brittouie Brittadent Briph N/A Britlie Brittan Brigma
Charlie Charmar Charie Chardent Chaph Chany N/A Chan Chagma
Dan Danimar Douie Danident Daph Danny Danlie N/A Dagma
Enigma Enigmar Enouie Enigdent Eniph Eniny Eniglie Enigan


Cave System

Caves are a feature in Pikmin 2 and Rikmon. They are pretty similar to Pikmin 2, but they have difficulty ratings. Here is a list of difficulties.

  • Beginner - a new player could do it with not too much Rikmon losses
  • Easy - a new player might lose a few Rikmon
  • Mild - a new player will lose a few Rikmon
  • Medium - a decent player could do it with not too much Rikmon losses
  • Slightly Hard - a decent player might lose a few Rikmon
  • Hard - a decent player will lose a few Rikmon
  • Very Hard - an expert could do it with not too much Rikmon losses

Caves also can have secret exits to get to another place on the area they were in. Example, say you went into a cave in The Crash Area, the cave might have a secret exit to go to somewhere else in The Crash Area.


When you start a day you choose where to land. You can land in a few places called Areas. Areas are pretty much worlds in this game. Areas also have Sub-Areas that can be unlocked by doing certain things. These Sub-Areas let you go to a specific place in that Area.

The Crash Area

The Crash Area is the first area in the game. Olimar, Louie and The President crash land here because Louie damaged the fuel tank purposely. Bubble Rikmon are found here, and later on Acidic Rikmon. It has 3 caves.

Beginner Cave

The Beginner Cave is for Beginners, true to it's name. It is very difficult for Rikmon to die in here. The cave has 2 floors and 3 treasures.

Corrosive Grotto

The Corrosive Grotto is a Medium difficulty cave. It's entrance is surrounded in acid that needs to be drained. The cave has 6 floors and 8 treasures.

Advanced Cave

The Advanced Cave is a Slightly Hard cave. It is considered a harder Beginner Cave, due to the fact it has similar music, enemies and wall colours. The cave has 5 floors and 9 treasures.

Golden Gorge

Golden Gorge is a Medium difficulty cave. It is pretty easy, but very long. The cave has 10 floors and 12 treasures.

The Forest of Gloom

The Forest of Gloom is the second area for the Hocotations and the first for the Koppaites. It is unique in that new areas can be accessed while it is raining, because the lakes and river flood. It rains pretty often at this area too. The Hocotations meet up with the Koppaites. Chubby Rikmon are found here, and shortly after Monster Rikmon. It has 4 caves, all of which being trees.

Dark Oak

The Dark Oak is an Easy cave. It is a big tree and goes down 4 floors. There is a secret exit on the first floor which lets the player access the top of the tree. It has 6 treasures.

Sapling Elevator

The Sapling Elevator is a Medium cave. It is the big tree opposite the Dark Oak. It is 4 floors long and has 7 treasures. It can be accessed through a secret exit in Dark Oak.

Depressed Deciduous

The Depressed Deciduous is a Medium cave. It is another big tree with all its leaves falling off. It is 7 floors long and has 8 treasures.

Entusiastic Evergreen

The Enthusiastic Evergreen is a Slightly Hard cave. It is the hardest cave in The Forest of Gloom. It is a huge tree with plenty of leaves. It is 9 floors long and has 12 treasures.

Tropical Archipelago

Tropical Archipelago is the third area in the game. The Hocotations and Koppaites meet another Koppaite, Dan. Tropical Archipelago has a lot of water making it dangerous for careless captains. Sword Rikmon are found here. In the first cave, Diver Rikmon are found.

Treacherous Jungle

Treacherous Jungle is the fourth area in the game. It is a very bushy area and contains plenty of crushing hazards. The Hocotations and Koppaites meet a Hocotation who does not state their real name, and prefers them to call himself "Enigma." Silver Rikmon are found here, and Punch Rikmon shortly after.

Mechanical Labyrinth

Mechanical Labyrinth is the fifth area in the game. It looks like a big factory and has mostly electricity hazards. Only Heavy Rikmon are found here. Louie chases after a butterfly onto a conveyor belt and gets lost. The aim of the game from now on is to find Louie.

Peaceful Plains

Peaceful Plains is the sixth area in the game. It is mostly grassy area with not too much enemies or hazards. It is a very easy area above ground, but the caves are pretty difficult. Only Ninja Rikmon are found here.

Enraged Heights

Enraged Heights is the seventh area in the game. It is a floating island with lots of cliffs and volcanoes. The crew find Louie but when they try to get him, the cliffs fall apart and the crew gets seperated. They need to get back together to rescue Louie. Louie moves to a different place before they reassemble. Only Fireball Rikmon are found here.

Cloud Haven

Cloud Haven is the eighth and final area in the game. It is a big solid cloud located above Enraged Heights. The crew meet Louie again but he falls down. The crew need to go back to past areas and chase Louie before finally finding him in a cave in Cloud Haven. They rescued Louie, but Olimar went missing. Only Ultra Rikmon are found in the last cave.

Exploration Kit Upgrades

Exploration Kit Upgrades are special upgrades for the captains (controllable character.) They might help a captain survive longer or help them use Rikmon more efficiently.

Metal Suit Z

The Metal Suit Z triples your health, making the game easier from not having to worry about having a captain down. It is made from a King Crown, which drops off Lord Kingborb.

Clean Whistle

The Clean Whistle increases your whistle size and range, allowing you to call more Rikmon at once, or save suffering ones from further away. It is made from a Polished Broom, which drops off a Titan Wraith.

Muffin Mittens

Muffin Mittens allow the player to throw Rikmon higher and further. It is made from Love Cake, which drops off Baguette Bug.

Rocket Fist

The Rocket Fist upgrades the player's punch. It does signifigantly more damage and also can be used quicker. Using it three times in a row quickly, the punch will stretch and deal a lot of damage. It is made from Brute Knuckles.

Airtank Deluxe

The Airtank Deluxe allows the captains to breathe underwater forever and lets them stay in poisonous areas longer.

Rikmon Gallery

Enemy Gallery


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  • In total, there are 64 different characters.
  • Monster Rikmon's name is pretty silly due to the fact they are the smallest Rikmon.
  • Sword Rikmon are an obvious reference to Link.

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