RigoBoom, thr brother of RigoDon and RigoRe.

"Oh no, what's happening here!!!"

RigoBoom is the second oldest among the Rigo brothers.


RigoBoom was based from a Bandit and a Baseball Boy. He was not present in any other Mario game, but he makes his cameo in Bomberman's washroom.

Physical Appearance

He is a blue bandit with a yellow band and tights. He wears red shoes and dark blue hands. His eyes are covered with a glass-screen mask.


He is easy to agree with, and the saying "A gentle person can be scary when angry" was turned down by him. Future says that he grew taller and smarter. Hallucination is one of his disability. Often he is distracted by his imagining and somehow it reaches to an end. He hates Bomberman, since he is like Stefan Sigpea who can't make evasion to nude guys. He is the opposite of RigoDon.


He is a great bomber, but disability to create bombs on his own hands. Despite so, he has a perfect strategy, with out failing. He can make homemade bombs and survival bombs, but the flames can neither go higher or lower than 4 unit-radius.

Life among the Time

He is not present in the past, but in the present so in the future. RigoDon and RigoRe impies the same.


  • He can't eat with a spoon, but with a fork and a spork.
  • He has no idea that brooms and forks are levers.
  • Bomb-Ob is smarter than him despte he finished college.
  • RigoBoom has the habit to hallucinate, only shocking stuff can "wake" him back.

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