Rigel Orion
Full Name Rigel Orion
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Class Space Pirate (Captain)
Rigel Orion, commonly known as Ori, is the main protagonist of an upcoming series. More info about him will be revealed very soon.



Ori is considered to be a "black sheep" at times. He's lazy, humorously coarse, holds grudges, and enjoys pirate life. However, even with his negative traits, he has a few positive traits such as his strong leadership skills and loyalty to his allies.

Because of a "certain incident" that happened during his life, Ori promises himself to be a pirate who only seeks for the thrill of adventure and treasure, not the thrill of killing innocents. He's serious when he needs to be, especially when someone is in trouble..




  • His actual full name references Rigel, one of Orion's many stars, and Orion, a constellation named after a hunter in Greek mythology.
    • His nickname, Ori, is actually an abbreviation for Orion.

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