Rift Edge of Time is a Reboot of the popular franchise Rift released in August 2nd 2012. It was released on PS3,Xbox 360 and PC aswell as a 2.5D spinoff called Time War released on 3DS and PS Vita which story is different to Edge of time's story


Rift:a 14 year old boy who's son to father time. He is the default playable Character next to His brother Aros and Roxie a teenage girl who likes wearing purple. He wears a Overcoat and black fingerless gloves he also has Ginger hair. He's got mixed skills so he's agile and can do platforming and combat really well.

Aros:Rift's teenage brother He wear's a Red tank top green googles and Trainers aswell as Black hair and he mentors rift in the tutorial. He too is playable but only in The PS3 and PC version He's a NPC in the Xbox 360 version

Roxie:A teenage girl from San Franchisco who has purple hair and a shirt with a skull on it she wears cargo pant's and black fingerless gloves too. She's playable in all versions. You can play as her in the vita version of Time war were on the main menu there's a option called import and so you can import data and progess from Edge of Time to your PS Vita letting you play as roxie.

Story:One day while in the clocktower of Great Orwillis City Rift's dad Father time Accidently destroys Time itself splitting all the periods so He send's rift out to fix the timeline before Lovaris A villanious woman can destroy time causing time to stop and humans to be frozen forever in their position.

Rift Begins in the medieval period and so sets out fighting through hordes of enemies and doing platforming then he finds the notorious Black Knight who he manages to win a duel against after putting on Sir Lancelot's armour on and learns that he was brainwashed by the villanious Xarill Lord of all the Chaos and Evil aswell as war.

After that he heads to the Roman Era and goes through the towns and land surrounding the towns fighting loads of enemies and meeting Aros who is captured and held upside down by a new kind of enemy called a Brute which are stronger versions of the average weak yet skilled runner enemies.After rescueing him they set out and fight a brainwashed Gladiator called Titus.

Suddenly A time paradox occured sending Rift's past self to him and the paradox shuts so Edge of Time Rift has to team up with past silent Rift and so they set off to the Greek period fighting the evil Minotaur at the end.

Finally they come to two Eras A apocalpyse future and a Era dominated by lord Xarill. A evil empire so they get through the apocalpygaptic world and kill Lord Regent and Defeat Xarill and Lovaris who are together and return home saving the world and Humanity once and for all!

References to Other games:

GTA V:You can find the corpse of trevor phillips in the apocalpyptic era dead on a road while doing some 3D sections and his trademark Off Road Truck destroyed. Also you can see the ruins of Micheal's house while in the abandoned town of stillwater while in the bad apocalpytic era.

Watch_Dogs:A special Uplay bonus lets you wear Aiden Pearce's outfit as a alternate costume for Rift the main character also you can find aidens phone with a cracked screen in the empire of Xarill.

Oddworld Stranger's wrath:You can find the titular stranger dead on the road to stillwater next to trevor's corpse while in the apocalpytic future.

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain:on one of the in game radio's you can listen to sins of the father from the Red Band trailer for this game.

Rift 4 (The cancelled fourth entry which had concept art and trailers for the game aswell as scripts for the new voice actors also steve ogg the voice actor of mr phillips was going to voice a character named Rammer a Evil Biker):You can Unlock Rift's costume from the game's E3 trailer and it's a dirty jacket with a black hoodie The Adult version of Rift in the trailer wears. A achievement/trophy is earned for unlocking it called Rescued from Devolpment Hell A term used to describe a game or movie or a work of fiction that was delayed and almost cancelled but this game was cancelled.

Trivia:There's a radio that plays licensed song's such as Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses. Way Down the Line by The Offspring and Busta Rhyme's Arab Money.

Vehicles were planned and there were sections including a section in Xavrill's Empire were you going to ride a motorbike down a futuristic highway. This was going to be a reference to a sequence in Final Fantasy 7 were Cloud rode down a highway on a Motorbike.

In the Back to the Past Edition of the game there's some concept art which show's the main character Rift's Future Self being playable wearing some armour with a helmet and a blue visor on the helmet. He was also supposed to use guns but when enemies were shot they had blue blood. There was some censorship issues over this Idea. The ESRB even threatened to rate the game T if they put blood in the game so they didn't put Future Rift or his Gun's into the game.

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